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Not me. If I had my way and there would be daffodils of destruction sprouting up already by now.
The cold front came unexpected like the inlaws for a visit. Cold for April, when flowesr should be blooming and the last traces of winter are erased from the general memory, the snap had an interesting effect on Jim, an early blooming daffodil. He had spent the last week building up the energy to bloom. His goal was to be the first - even as a little bulb he was always an over achiever, being the first to take root. Bit by bit, through cold soil and hibernating worms, he reaced his tem up and out, seeking the warmth he knew was out there.

The other daffodil bulbs had laughed, but he would show them. He would soak up all the warmth and sun, grow stronger and mightier than his floral bretheren, and then, through patience and dedication and the wonders of photosynthesis - global domination. It made his chlorophyll shiver with joy and anticipation as it converted six molecules of water and six molocules of carbon dioxides into energy. His time was coming. OH YES it was.

And then, the cold. He could feel it eating away at him. He could feel the water freezing in his xylem. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Jim had waited to long, schemed too hard for his plans to freeze up so suddenly. Something had to happen. Something had to change.

And it did.
Hey Meg

This is Katia, thought I Would say hello. Reecie gave me your LJ, hope that was ok. Anyway, it was fun reading your posts, don't go to PSU they suck :) Just kidding
She's talking about PORTLAND State, not PENN State. =)
Welcome to the cult of LJ!