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Called to see if your back
Was still aligned and your sheets
Were growing grass all on the corners of your bed

But you've got too much to wear on your sleeves
It has too much to do with me
And secretly I want to bury in the yard
The grey remains of a friendship scarred

You told us of your new life there
You got someone comin' around
Gluing tinsel to your crown
He's got you talking pretty loud
You berate remember your ailing heart and your criminal eyes
You say you're still in love
If it's true what can be done
It's hard to leave all these moments behind

You tested your metal on doe's skin and petals
While kissing the lipless
Who bleed all the sweetness away

Cake in just a couple of hours, and this makes me VERY glad.
No work tomorrow, so I think I'm going to catch the first showing of HHGTTG. That way I won't be waiting for an invite that I know probably won't come because who plans these things out, really? They just happen. I can't just wait for things to happen, so I'll make them myself.

I like dancing to my iPod while waiting for the bus.

My ankle decided it wasn't going to work as I was crossing Hennepin this morning. Yeah, do you know what's fun? Falling in the middle of a busy street in front a whole bunch of cars. That's fun.

My favorite book in the whole world is East of Eden by Steinbeck. For the longest time I told people it explains the reason why I had to leave California. Now I'm telling people it's why I need to go back. BUT NOT TO DAVIS. Never to Davis. To go home is to admit defeat. It's hard to think of leaving Minneapolis in the spring, though. It's hella easy to think about it during the winter. But I think it's time to be with people who care about me, not just a place that I enjoy.

Still grumpy that I can't go to the EC dance. Sad. I'll have to figure out a time I can go over there this summer.
Let me know when you can come! I'll take a day off to play with you!