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I don't want to feel the emptiness

So last night I took the number 23 to the number 6 and walked over to the Northrop Auditorium for the Virgin College Mega Tours concert. I picked up my ticket at will call and waited for the concert to begin. I was a little miffed that it was in an auditorium, and even more miffed that, while my seats were center, I was near the back. Of course, I just bought my tickets 2 days prior, so yeah.

The first band was "Robbers on High Street" and they sounded a lot like they listened to too much of the Shins. They were alright, but they haven't developed their own sound yet.

Next was Gomez and THEY ROCKED. They are a UK band with just an AMAZING sound and they put on a GREAT show. Being delightfully british, they were also delightfully hungover from last night's show in Madison. "Do you know what happens when you have 11 drunk men in a confined space for a long period of time?" one of their guitarists asked the audience. "They all get naked and dance to Lionel Richie. Hey - do we have any Lionel Richie on the iPod? If we do, we'll play it and all get naked for you."


Alas there was no Richie on the ipod. But there was an hour of really good rock music with an amazing percussion section. Seriously - two guys, one strictly on drums, the other on whatever percussion instrument he could get his hands on. I highly recommend you check them out. I got their CD "Gomez out West" and I am really enjoying it.

Then we had Cake. Oooooh blessed, blessed Cake. They started with "Is this Love" and then moved into "Frank Sinatra." They played A LOT off of their 3rd CD and 1st DC, but they did play "No Phone," "Wheels," and "Carbon Monoxide" from "Pressure Chief."

When they broke into "Comfort Eagle" the place ERUPTED, much like the Quest did when Franz started playing "Take me Out." "Comfort Eagle" is a performance piece, it really is. It's hard to describe it as anything but that. There is no way to really capture the feeling of an auditorium full of people singing along with the eerie chant that is that song. It was scary in a way.

The big news of the show is that Cake announced that they have seperated from their label, and are now COMPLETELY independent. This is a risky move for Cake, but I think that their fans will see them on. If you want to know more about how to support Cake, go to their website: http://www.cakemusic.com/.

The best part of the evening was in the Encore, when they played two of my favorite songs: Pentagram and Jolene. It was funny because only the die-hard cake fans knew those songs. Motorcade of Generosity is their first CD and not a lot of people know it, but ooooooooh, once they started playing I was just so happy. It was a great way to end the show.

Here's the song list, out of order:
Pentagram - Motorcade of Generosity (Encore)
Jolene - Motorcade of Generosity (Encore)
Is This Love - Motorcade of Generosity
Rock 'N Roll Lifestyle - Motorcade of Generosity
Frank Sinatra - Fashion Nugget
The Distance - Fashion Nugget (Encore)
Daria - Fashion Nugget
Stick Shifts and Safety Belts - Fashion Nugget
Satan is my Motor - Prolonging the Magic
Mexico - Prolonging the Magic
Never There - Prolonging the Magic
Guitar - Prolonging the Magic
Sheep go to Heaven - Prolonging the Magic
Short Skirt/Long Jacket - Comfort Eagle
Comfort Eagle - Comfort Eagle
Wheels - Pressure Chief
No Phone - Pressure Chief
Carbon Monoxide - Pressure Chief

Overall, a GREAT show. So go and support Cake! Buy their first album if you don't have it!
The place went bananas. B-A-N-A-NANAS.
That was still the best image of any concert I've ever been to.
My boss and his son were in the front row, center, at last night's show. He bragged about it all day.
lucky bastard (your boss, not you - hearing him brag must have gotten old after a while so I'm sorry for that)