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Congrats to Gator and Dwee on their engagement!

Too bad I wasn't there to see it - totally would have bought you two a drink.
Damn. . .very impressive.

Tho. . .I always figured Bontz would be collecting social security before he went to the altar.
FUCKING AWESOME! I gotta go squeal at Dwee about this. I wish I was there to see it too.

are you serious?

...cuz thats fucked up to joke about something like that....

*still taken aback wondering if its for real*
as far as I know it's for reals.
It's most definitely for real. I was there, I heard him sing the song that he did, I saw him drag out the ring, I saw it on Dwe's finger later, and although it was a bit oversized, it was quite beautiful. I still can't believe it either, though.
Hehehe. I have that habit of surprising people. It's was "ohmyfuckinggawdyouhavetobekidding!" Posting later.

Love you lots!
wow. I don't know either of them very well (okay, well, I don't know Dwee at all) but I never pegged Gator for marriage.... Well, good for him!
Yeah, I know what you mean. My sister was supposed to come *unbeknownst to me* -- and there were people outside the VFW and were like "what's going on?" when they got back. Now, THOSE people were pissed. ^_^ But, we have it all on tape, thanks to the Sharkbait, sneaky bastard.

Love you!
P.S. Thanks for the drink. ^_^ I think I drank yours and then some. ^_^ Love the picture too, from BiG weekend no less. ^_^

Miss you!