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So Molly hit puberty this week.

For the past couple of days she has been running about the house, meowing at the top of her little kitty lungs broadcasting to the world that she is, in fact, one tasty piece of ass. She has been rolling on the floor and trying to look as sultry as she can. Last night I caught her wearing a mini skirt and halter top with her face all painted up like a two dollar whore.

She's finally given up propositioning Sasha. For most of this time she has been lounging in front of him, rear end exposed and caterwauling which I can only assume is cat for "iiiiiiiiiiiiiif you think I'm sexy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you want my body cooooooooooooome on baby let me KNOW!" to which Sasha has responded in turn with "Bitch, please. I have no balls and you're cutting into my valuable sleep time. Now STFU, plxkthnx."

Next paycheck is going to Molly's vet bill so this never, EVER happens again.
A simple little snip snip snip will fix that.
But if I had a choice i'd rather have that then a male cat "marking" everything.
My friend, Ashley, had the same experience with her kitty Luna. All of the sudden Luna tried to proposition everything, including their ferret.
Yargh. Cats in heat can be maddening. Poor Sasha, too...