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earnbrand would like me to talk about the StarWars prequels.
Fuck you, George Lucas. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. Just WHERE do you get off? I mean that. The whole mediclorian crap, the whole CG yoda. I don't know what to say. I really, really don't. That and the fact that you had better spend the whole of the 3rd movie repairing the damaged you've caused the whole star wars cannon. And if you think FOR EVEN JUST A MOMENT that you can go and "fix" the originals to make them fit with the story that you've already fucked up I will fly out to your damn little ranch and bitch slap you proper.

Your precious little sequels will soon die in time and only the originals will remain.

bark2themoon needs some loving regarding the issue of young, dumb, immature people.
We are all like this at times. Every single one of us reverts back to our inner 14 year old to pull out some dumbass shit. Even me. But it's people who constantly live in this state of mind, in this world where personal responsibility doesn't exist, in a world where rational thought and thinking doesn't make sense, in a world where HIGH SCHOOL HAS NEVER DIED that I just want to reach out and bitch slap them. Grow the fuck up and take some responsibility for your actions, okay?

froggie_girlkel brings up a subject near and dear to me: Gopher State One Call
We all have those jobs in our lives that just make us twinge whenever we think about them. Gopher State was that job. It wasn't so bad when I could just read a book, but then the thaw came and people started yelling at me because they were angry and I was there, their hapless victim, chained to the phone so I had to take their abuse and stupidity. I deal with contracters in my new job, and once I mentioned to them how i used to work for Gopher State and they groan, litteraly GROANED because they HATED calling that godforsaken place. Probably hated it as much as I hated the job. Plus, they fired me and one of my friends because they are MORONS. I still love the fact that one of the office managers chose to MOVE BACK HOME WITH HER PARENTS rather than work at that job any more. FUck you gopher state. I give you two months before you die.
On rant the first:

"Worst idea since Greedo shooting first."
George Lucas has no balls. That's all I have to say. Like the whole removal of guns from ET.
except that was Speilberg, not Lucas and I have a spoiler that would prove GL found his balls. Go read Kevin Smith's review of RotS on http://Viewaskew.com . You'll know the part I'm talking about...
Oh my god, I am such a dork.

I'm going to go hang my head and hide under my bed. That was really not brilliant on my part.

*is dumb*

I am still going to see the 3rd movie. In all honesty I don't hate the prequles all that much and I will have to see what they do with it. And yes, if that spoiler is true GL does have some balls. This may or may not redeem the Greebo thing.

I am still embarassed about the ET thing though...damn, I am a real idiot...
Greedo no longer shoots first. Brief history:

Original release of movies through THX remastered VHS editions:

Greedo never shoots, Han shoots

"Special" Editions:

Greedo shoots and misses (despite being a "renowned" assassin and standing a point blank range), Han shoots

DVD edition:

Han shoots, then Greedo shoots, perhaps missing because he pulled the trigger out of instinct. Whatever, he doesn't shoot first anymore.

There's a reason I created hanfirst.
i have arrived in livejournal land! now to rape and pillage--er, send comments to people i know. yeah. :-)
welcome to the cliquist cult on the webosphere!