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Some comments people are leaving me aren't being emailed to me. Is anybody else having this problem?
Don't worry you'll get them in about .....3 months.

It happens randomly sometimes to me and then long long time later it pops up like it was sent when it should have been. And I know the problem isn't my e-mail.
Thanks for the info :) It's just funny because I'll get SOME but not all. Like I didn't get this one, but I got a response to a comment earlier today. Odd.

Damn you LJ! *shakes a fist*
It's happening to me too.
is it being sporadic to you as well? Like you'll get some but not others?
Yeah, it's happened to me a few times, where I get comment notification like 2 months later...kind of annoying.

Would this be why not all of the meme rants are not written yet? =)
I would let you know that mine are working fine, but you wouldn't realize I'd left this comment. So nevermind.