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Got pissed off by one secret. Was flattered by another. Realized that this is all just a bunch of stupid drama that really, REALLY, shouldn't effect me as much as it does. Unfortunately, two years just isn't long enough to close some wounds. However, perhaps moving across the country will. You never know these things. Is it running away or just finally letting go? Sometimes I think I wasted too much time on trivial matters. Of course, I still do.
Sounds like you need a hug.

Thanks for the hug - it's more like redisual bitterness that never really went away and feels like it's being rubbed in my face. Bah.
Hello! I am the friend of Misha's who is doing the Sociology project. You answered a couple of questions for me. I was wondering if you could possibly answer 2 more, as I have noticed that you also have a homepage.
What do you use your homepage for?
Which do you feel is more informative about yourself- the homepage or live journal?

Don't worry about giving me elabourate answers....anything at all is appreciated! I'm quite desparate here, so i'm really not being fussy!


Sorry to ost this on here- but i couldn't find a public email on your profile
actually - the homepage was a feeble attempt at a web comic, put together by my friend chaos_ensues and myself. It's not REALLY a homepage at all and the only reflection it has is the depravity of our sick and over-sexed brains.

If you need anything else, my email is mbridge@mn.rr.com

Sorry that this didn't help all that much and good luck on your project!