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Why am I on your "Friends List"?
Respond in comments and post on your journal.
Cause we're friends?

... is this a trick question? :P
it's totally a trick question - can you figure it out?
Because I loved you icon and we stalked each other on Devi's journal, commenting back and forth until she got pissed and chased us away from it!
And the rest is history!
And because you rawk!

kisses :)
Fuck this, I think this is a reason to remove you from my list.... but .. I ... must ... stalk ... my ... friends.
what - you don't like my attention whorish post? It's not like I make them very often or make you fill out a 30 question poll... :-P
Because we've been friends since like, 7th grade, and it would be silly NOT to have you on my list.
Yeah - I think you're pretty much the oldest of my old friends to whom I still commuicate with...I think it's what - 11 years?
Cause you are Meg.
YOu know - I'm realizing how silly this was to post because most of my friends lists ARE my friends. It's not like some random lurker or something. Besides, no one is really going to post "you're on my friends list because I feel obligated to do it and it's rather uncooth to unfriend you unless you do something really stupid."

But I take what I can get.

Yes my pretties...stroke my ego...a little faster...yeah, that's it...
Because we met at CJ and E's Housewarming party, but didn't really talk much (hey, I tend to be very quiet around people I don't know very well. (In groups, anyway.(damn extroverts not letting me get words in edgewise(let's see how far I can nest these things)))) Then you recognized me from my user icon in a reply to saltygoodness (who I still haven't met in person even though we go to the same school)
I remember us talking about submariens because my dad served on the Parche and my brother is serving on the Carter, both are boats you are familiar with, so that was pretty fun.

I am still amazed that I recognized you from your LJ icon :-P I totally did a double take on it. "Wait - is that? Don't I know that guy?"
met you on lucards jourum

read a bit of your lj because you made insightful points and I agreed with opinions of yours, decided I liked what I saw and added you. Rest is from there airport buddy!
Hahhaha yes - whenever I find my self waiting for some kind of transportation I always call you :-P
Because, dear Meg, you are a source of amusement for me in real life and online.....and God knows I'm a source of sadistic amusement for you as well :-P
*sings* It's SCHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADENFREUDE!!! People taking pleasure in your pain!
"you're on my friends list because I feel obligated to do it and it's rather uncooth to unfriend you unless you do something really stupid." J/K :P I put you on my friend list hoping people will put me on there's. DUH! :P
Hehehhe yes - my friends list brings all the LJ users to the yard :-P