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So last night chaos_ensues and I, in a fit of pure geekiness, each popped in our copies of Pirates of the Caribbean and watched them while chatting to each other via IM (She lives in Mil-town while I'm here in Mpls). We started talking about how much we love the movie and how we will totally show it to our future kids, much like our parents have shown us movies from their time. chaos_ensues remarked how Johnny Depp to us is like Errol Flynn is to our mothers. However, Errol Flynn is more like our GRANDMOTHERS, so I asked my mom what movie stars she was swooning over when she was in our age group. She responded with Robert Redford and Paul Newman (both of these I can understand - Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke is f'ing HAWTT and Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is just...well...yes...).

So this got me thinking - what shows from our generation are we going to hold onto and show OUR kids? Like, sometimes I equate M*A*S*H to the Simpsons.

I mean, when Saturday Night Live first premiered, it was like NOTHING ELSE IN THE WHOLE WORLD. There was no cable, just like 4 main channels and SNL came on late, was amazing comedy. WKRP was also an amazing show - to this day if you mention "I swear turkeys could fly!" to my parents, they will both start to giggle.

So what shows do we have now that we'll always remember? What scenes from shows will still cause you to giggle like a 12 year old girl? Is there any moment from a TV show that just sticks to the back of your memory? Please let me know - I'm very curious!
BUFFY!!! OMG where to start with all the Spike scenes...

And that reminds me, I have a cd full of clips for you that I've been meaning to send!! MWAHAHA!
Hahahha - so will you share Buffy with your future kids? Do you think they'll understand or just be "yeah, whatever mom..."?
Hmm, maybe I better not share my drooling moments with them. I'll probably get the "Ewww, mo-om!!"
hahahhaha - true, true...but maybe they'll understnad. I mean...Spike is...SPIKE!!!
I say Buffy too...particularly the musical episode.
Or more importantly the puppet episode of Angel.

Unfortunatly though a lot of shows from our generation and the generations to come are one trick ponies, not much lasting qualities to them and that is ultimatly sad that they wouldn't stand the test of time.
So if you could chose one show to show your kids, one show that you never EVER missed, or a show that just made you laugh silly, even the re-runs you had seen a billion times, what would it be?
You know I don't really know. So many shows come to mind, Simpsons was always a classic, the old episodes at least. But I really don't know.....you are asking me to think this late?
Hee - time is just an illusion ;)

But you are right - some shows just come out of the blue - like 3rd Rock from the Sun. I would TOTALLY show my kids that series...
MacGyver!!!! MacGyver all the way. While the hairstyles might be very dated (hey, I LIKED the mullet on Richard Dean Anderson at the time...) the adventures are timeless!
I think Seinfeld might have been the defining show of our generation.
I have to go with The Simpsons, but I'd also add onto that shows like Futurama and Family Guy, for the pure funniness that they are. In terms of drama, go with things like The West Wing or ER. I'd equate ER with the final two seasons of M*A*S*H. Also, a cable show that not everyone sees, The Dead Zone. VERY cool show if you ever get to see it, and Anthony Michael Hall really changed since his days as geeky boy from The Breakfast Club. Maybe throw in some CSI and Friends just to cover the bases, even though I'm not a huge fan of wither shows.