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In an act that now places my brother above most minor deities, Tom has managed to secure me 4 tickets to the sneak preview of Serenity on May 26th. One ticket is mine, one ticket is possibly chaos_ensues, and another possibly to zeppelina. So that leaves me with one ticket left (possibly more should plans change).

Now: In essay format of 500 words or less, explain to me why I should let you have a ticket to go see Serenity. Entries will be judged on creativity and originality. Plus - I am amazingly swayed by flattery.

Ready? GO!
Dear Meg,

I think you should give the ticket to me because I will give it to Adam. Think about it. You can make me be nice.

You should give it to me because I'm so busy fixing the system that I don't have time to have fun.

But as long as you don't give it to a republican it's all good :)
I feel obligated to inform you that a republican was the one who gave me the tickets :)
*weeps for humanity*
There there, there there. Irony can be a bitch sometimes.
*Makes mental note to kill irony*
could you kill hindsight too while you're at it? Highsight has been asking for it....
Hindsight, Irony, anyone else want to go down? I'm taking everyone on!
For Fuck's Sake, not all Republicans are evil.

You are officially disqualified.
I can make cheesecake!
what KIND of cheesecake?
New York style, with just about any kind of flavoring or topping. What do you want in your cheesecake.
if you can do chocolate and raspberry, you may have an edge over the compition...
Actually, the last one I made was white chocolate/raspberry. people were alternately praising and cursing me for it. (this was for an end-of-the-semester potluck so people were already stuffed, hehehe)
would you consider it a $100 cheesecake? 'Cause that's what tickets are selling for on ebay :-P
tisk, tisk, tisk. How can you put a price on homemade cheesecake?
You get to see Serenity! Yay!!
AND my firefly box set got shipped today!
I'll give you love...?

...My first born child?

How about an authentic Italian meal? *nudge nudge*
Ill even throw in a super cool, awesomely awesome, rock your socks off cake for dessert! ^.~