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I will be driving up to SNC on Friday Night after work. Expect me there sometime around 10-11pm.

Who wants to go see Star Wars on Saturday Night? Who wants to play drinking games at a location to be determined? Who wants to shove vver's new ferrets down their pants for the purposes of gambling? Who wants to hijack spitfiresnc's DDR game for drunken good times?

Let's get the party started and start making plans! Feel free to us my LJ as a sounding board and tell me what's going down!
ill be arriving saturday morning (10-11ish), and id love to see star wars with you. where will you be?
I'll be crashing at Abby's for the weekend! We're looking at a saturday night showing of Star Wars - does that work for you? Do you have my number?
id love to hang out with you at abbys for a bit, erm, where does she live?...saturday night works, and i do not have your number. (im working on getting a cell phone today, so if that works out ill shoot you my number as well). See you soon!
If I'm not roleplaying that night, maybe I'll crash after work for a drink and some DDR. Let me know.

~Devi's too lazy right now to log in~
awesome! The more the merrier! We'll probably be at Abbys...or some other location as yet to be decided...
I am free saturday night too! If Devi hangs with you maybe she can run by and scoop me up so you can re-meet the face behind the shared love of Dr. Who.
We will be at VVer's when she gets done with work...waiting for her. What ever Abby has I have more of :P
Where are you going to be Friday night?? I have my lil sis' grad-u-ma-cation party on Saturday, but I would *love* to see you this Friday... just give me the time and the place!! Weee!! w00t!!

*does a happy dance*

Love Dwee.
I'd see starwars with ya again XD
Hey, before you leave, you wanna come out to Open Mic tonight?

I'd love to have you out here, and it sounds like tonight we'll just be scraping by with only a few poets.

I hope I get to see you out here!