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And I'm home. I should be in bed but the cats got me out. I am worried about Sasha. I came home to find that he had decided to use my bathroom as his litter box while I was gone. This is new. Sometimes if I'm gone for a long period of time he will pee on the floor - but this was solid waste and was in multiple places on my bathroom floor. I think both cats are going in for a check up before the month is over but I am very worried about what it will cost me. However, I am more worried with Sasha's actions. He went to the bathroom in there AGAIN when I was home (it's what got me out of bed just now). This is NOT good.

The trip to Greebs was a lot of fun. I got in at 10pm on friday and knocked on Abby's door. After chitchatting, we decided to round up some troops and go to Denny's because I hadn't eaten yet. So we meet up with Alli, Paulie, and Paulie's friends Em and PJ. Good times were had but my food never came. The whole trip was so I could get sometime to eat and yet my food never made it on the list. Sad. Eventually that was cleared up and I was able to feast upon dead cow and murdered potatoes. All was good.

Saturday Abby woke me up by blowing in my face. I awoke, saw a fuzzy form of Abby and screamed, much to Abby's enjoyment. I then went back to bed and she went in search of Idol tickets. We then had lunch at Perkins where we harrassed VVer. Why? because we love her like burning. That's why. Abby and I went back to her place to play Taiko Master, which is like crack. I suck at it, but damn. Damn damn damn. I love it like burning. And I KICK ASS at "Are You Gonna Be My Girl." I credit this to the fact they play it non stop on the radio stations here.

I left Abby to sleep and get ready for the movie and headed over to bug Byron. Byron showed me the cute baby ferrets (OMGSOCUTE) and showed me how to play Donkey Konga, which I now must own. We also attempted to kidnap Nick, but that was thwarted when he wasn't there. So we left him a note on his windshield and left. VVer came back from work and we all went to meet up with MORE folks to see Star Wars (which is better a second time).

StarWars note: It's not horrible. Out of the prequels, it's the best one. Compared to the originals...well, you know, it's just not fair to compare it to the originals. The Prequels are completely different movies and should be judged by different standards. It's a good ending to a crappy trilogy, that's how I look at it. It's a fair ending to the end of an era. In general, not the best movie ever made but it's not horrible. I think people were expecting Lucas to re-create their lost childhoods and that's too much pressure to put on one man.

Today Abby and I were joined by Muddy. The three of us went to bug VVer again then subjected outselves to more TaikoCrack. "One more song and I'll go home...one more song...okay, that one didn't count..." We talked about "the real world" and plans for grad school and the like. It was a good time. I got home at about 7:45, petted the cats, chatted online, got ready for bed and that brings us back to the beginning.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand scene.
:: sniffles:: aw man...you where in town and I completely missed it! Oh well, i shall have to stalk you down next time homie!
It's called: Taiko DRUM master!
ohhhhh . . . i wish i coulda been there! :-(

maybe next time! :-)
Kitties will often go somewhere other than their litterbox for some of the following reasons:

- They don't like the litterbox
- It isn't clean to their specifications
- The litterbox is in an unacceptable location
- They're mad at you
- They're ill

Male cats in particular are prone to urinary tract infections, which causes inappropriate urination. There are conditions that can cause inappropriate pooping too. It's worth having him checked out just to make sure nothing is wrong. Otherwise, you might try moving the litterbox to a more out-of-the-way place, uncovering it if it's a covered one, getting a bigger one, scooping it more frequently (I don't know what your scooping habits are), etc.

We've been feeding Guinness wet food a few times a week to ward off UTI and suchlike- cats don't lap water very efficiently, so they have to get their hydration from their food.