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I don't feel alright today
I don't feel that great
I'm not catching on fire today
Love has started to fade.

Today was my day to dance. I took my ipod out with me on my 15 minute break and danced on the loading dock in the back. It was sunny and warm with just a slight breeze. To one side of me, the dark brown dirty brick buildings stood as relics from and older Minneapolis. On the other side, the tall glass buildings rose and reflected the sun. On the cement slab, bathed in sunlight, I busted a groove to my tunes. Perhaps some people from their offices saw a large girl in a grey sweatshirt, blue jeans and white sneakers flailing about with out care. I may have looked foolish, but my body had to move.

I'm not going to smile today
I'm not gonna laugh
You're out living it up today
I've got bills to pay

Work has been busy. The first sun and the calls are coming in hardcore. We've got a contest going on as well, and we all know how much I love competition. The calls are so similar to the calls I took at Gopher State it's not even funny, but at least no one is yelling at me. And I like to help people. I love talking to strangers. And I like my co-workers. Gordy is somewhere in his 30s I would say, and as he puts it "a frustrated artist." He draws faces on his oranges with a black marker.

And the grave digger puts on the forceps
The stone mason does all the work
The barber can give you a hair cut
And the carpenter can take you to lunch

I finished tonight by dancing on the roof of my building. The moon was hidden behind some rain clouds of to the east but the sky was over me was clear. To the north I could see the down town, and the changing colors of the Mood Building. When I first moved to Minneapolis, Mars was the closest to the earth it had ever been in a LONG time. As my first summer here went by I watched as Mars grow closer and brighter each night. I saw it over Lake Calhoun, I saw it over the fox river in Green Bay, but the prettiest I had ever seen it was in the dead of night in Colorado, when we stopped to check out the car and look at the stars. The milky way was a brilliant ribbon in the sky.
"Look! You can see the milky way!"
"No you can't Meg, we're IN the milky way."
"Nick, look UP"
Tonight, the only stars that watched me as I danced were the ones forming the Big Dipper, the summer constellation.

But I just want to play on my pan pipes
I just want to drink me some wine
As soon as you're born you start dying
So you might as well have a good time

Thursdays are going to be busy days for me. I have started going to the open mic over at Mapps coffee and tea. My work is rusty and not quite what I want it to be. I've been reading some older pieces but the small crowd seems to enjoy my work. Humor goes over better than my serious pieces, but I think that's a reflection of the group. However, I'm working on some new stories to share. Also - Thursdays TImmy has invited me to go dancing with him at the Saloon. I have dance clothes. I have rhythm (of sorts). And I have a gay boy who loves me. Of course - this will all continue next week as THIS thursday I am going to see Serenity with Carolyn. We have been dropping to new levels of geekiness as we sync our DVDs up and watch them together and chat about it via IM. Yes - we do need to get out more, but it's just too much fun.

Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell.
Sheep go to heaven and goats...
go to hell.

So life is good in that weird "gotta dance" type of way. I'm writing again. I'm enjoying my job. I've got music to keep me going. I've got friends who care about me. I'm missing some folks and wishing we could all have fun together. I looked westward tonight as I was dancing, westward to where I want to go, both physically and emotionally. West that holds my past and my future. I jump feet first, not knowing how I land, only that I'm going to. Jump with me.
Well written.
Thank you.
i'm totally dancing with you, sister!

. . . really, i am. in front of my computer. as soon as i read your entry, *i* started having a "gotta dance" day. but remember how i was in band? and a music major? and y'may not know it, but i'm a hand-drummer? yeah, i have all sorts of rhythm--just not in my feet.


good to know you're writing again. i've been bootstrapping myself out of a big bad block lately. here's to the muse's return!
I am with you in the flailing. I don't so much as dance as flail my limbs about and pray that I don't hit anybody. In March I went to a Keller Williams concert (if you don't know who he is - check him out! Great hippy music) and was actually complemented on my dancing (Keller music is WONDERFUL to dance to).
um so where is this Serenity showing?

gimme a call tonight when you are finished with work.
Is Timmy mad at me for any reason? Cause he changed his cell number and didn't tell me. If he is mad at me can you find out why? If he isn't can you smack him? I had important things to talk to him about and couldn't reach him. And I keep forgetting to call his mom to get his new number, perhaps because I'm scared that he hates me.
I don't think Timmy is mad at you. He hasn't said anything to me. Here's the number I have for him: 612-328-6505 GIve him a call!