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I can't watch ET without getting physically ill.

One day when I was a wee little kid, my brother's boyscout troop went on a tour of the JellyBelly factory in Vacaville. It's a very fun place and you get lots of free samples and stuff. I got to go along because my mom was one of the scout moms. It was a great time but I ended up eating too many jellybellies. When we got back home we started watching ET. All through out the movie I felt more and more sick. My tummy was hurting and I was not a happy camper. After the movie we had dinner. I went to sit at the table on the bench in the breakfast nook, took one look at dinner and then threw up right there. At the table. Actually, it was all over the bench that I was sitting on, but yeah.

So ever since then, I have never been able to watch ET. When they showed the previews for the re-release of it a few years ago I started getting queasy in the theater. Even writing about this story has made me uneasy. So if you ever want me to throw up, just sit me down and watch ET (although why you would want me to vomit, I don't know).
I've never even watched ET all the way through. I must be the last person on earth who never has. Maybe I should watch it and tell you ALL about it...::evil grin::

And the Jelly Belly factor rocks. Especially the Belly Flops...mmmmmmm....deformed Jelly Bellies at a significantly reduced price...it especially kicks ass getting a huge lump of 3-4 super hot cinnamon ones stuck together. Did this incident affect your ability to eat Jelly Bellies at all, or was it just the ability to watch or even talk about ET?