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one ticket to Kingdom of Heaven: $8.50
one large soda: $4.00
price of parking: $4.00
Watching a big epic production 4 weeks after it's been released on a Thursday night, being 2 of 5 people in the whole theater and giving it the MST3K treatment: Priceless.

Mike, we really do need to do this more often.

(And you were right - that WAS Bashir. Kudos to you)
that WAS Bashir

Dude, Alexander Siddig is the only reason I'm even considering seeing this movie. I love that man to an unwholesome degree.
Amen to that. Well, Miss Meg, is it worth seeing?
maybe when it hits the buget theaters, or if you go in ready to pan the hell out of it :-D

Go with a good friend who likes movies about boys who hit other boys with swords and has a great sense of humor, that's what I suggest :)
Don't f*ck with my spottin' eye.