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One of my favorite episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation is the one where Picard gets captured by the Cardassians and then tortured. His is deprived of food and water and subjected to mental anguishes. The way the Cardassians knew that they had won was if they got Picard to admit that there were five lights shining straight at him, instead of the four highbeams that were staring down Picard like a massive mac truck.

Of course, Picard refused to say that, despite the anguish that he went through. In the dramatic last line of the interrigation scene as Picard was carried away by his rescuers, he shouts out triumphantly "THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!" Now - what should have been a serious moment of the show, the resolution of Picard not to break - is actually quite comical. Perhaps it's the fact that he's dressed in what must be a burlap sack, or maybe it's just the whole silliness of the whole thing (Think: The heartbreaking cry of "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" by the newly minted Darth Vader), but the scene has stuck with me as just plain hilarious.

My family has a lot of running jokes. Most of them have to deal with LA Story (You can have ze duck!), or just random things (If no green vegetables are served at dinner, a napkin fight will break out). One of them is "There are four lights!" because in our living room we have 6 lights set up on a track. Of course, they usually burn out, and when it comes down to four left, someone will notice it and scream out "THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!!" I'm sure not many people really get the reference, even Star Trek fans sometimes look at us blankly. So when I saw this comic, a little wave of nostalgia hit me.

Yes - my family is a little bit odd and our inside jokes may seem a bit geeky, but these are the things I remember.
Link is very nonfunctional... anecdote is hilarious.

(I believe)
Hehehe. I would have gotten the reference. It was mentioned more than once at boring work meetings... I miss having geeky coworkers (I also miss having coworkers, but that's another story).

My family has those little bizarre references, too. "Don't mention the war" "He's pinin' for the fjords" "It's only wafer thin" (I was raised on British comedies - hehehe)