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Thanks to the change in pressure and stuff, I have been feeling like crap as of late. Right before a big storm I start feeling sick to my stomach and have trouble sleeping. Last night I only got about 3 hours of sleep. When it came time for lunch, I just wasn't happy. I walked down to the corner store in the sticky weather and got a big bottle of water instead of food. Of course, a long about 5pm I felt not only tired, but that gross feeling you get when you're not hungry but you ARE hungry, but the thought of food makes you feel gross. I ended up getting a burrito from Chipotle, so I felt a bit better for having food, but still rather gross.

I took a bit of a lay down at 7pm , but had left my TV on. My body woke me up because Brittany and Kevin were on TV and my subconscious would not let that interfere with my sleep. So I got up and turned it off and decided to make a run for target.

I love Target. I don't know why, but I do. It always makes me feel better. Maybe it's just because I'm a happy capitalist, or maybe just because I'm a consumer whore, but what ever the reason, Target makes me happy. Today I was good, did not go on a spending binge that would make my bank account weep in pain. I bought some air fresheners because the cats are being smelly, some cleaning sponges so I can clean my kitchen, and hair dye. Blessed, blessed hair dye.

My hair is now the brilliant ruby red it is for about 3 weeks out of every 3 months. I should be better about dying it regularly, but eh, so it goes. The only problem is that when I rinse the dye out of my hair my bathtub looks like a murder scene. But all is right in the world. I still feel pretty icky, my tummy is still gurgly, but I don't work until noon tomorrow. Yay.
I thought Prozac made sad rocks happy.