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So every day at work I do pre-scheduled pick up calls. These are to let our customers know that their tubs are scheduled to be picked up on the next day and to remind them of what they can or can't put in the tubs. Because I do this in the afternoon, I normally get a lot of answering machines and I just run through the list (I have it totally memorized by now).

Today on one of my calls, the machine picked up and the outgoing message was something like this:

Hey Ed! We've got all these chickens here. We can't have chickens running about so I've put them all to work. That's right, I've got AAAAALL the chickens now. I'm a chicken pimp! You have no chickens!


So I left my message for him. I wasn't sure exactly how to progress with it, and let me tell you, it took A LOT of control not to burst out laughing, and there was at one time where I did start chuckling. I did tell him that chickens were not allowed to go into the tubs.

After I left the message I broke down laughing. Cassandra wanted to know what was so funny, so I gave her the number. Kevin listened in and the two of them started cracking up. Our Manager, Rachael, wanted in on it so I called it again for her. We called each other chicken pimps for the rest of the day.

This all reminds me of the prank call Sarah, Alli and I got when we lived in Burke our sophomore year. We woke up one Sunday morning to a blinking light on our machine. We played it, and this is what we heard:

Hey this is Jimmy. YOu know, the guy who fucked ya last week! I just called to tell you that I got...I got this spot on my cock. I don't know which one of you gave it to me 'cause I think I fucked ya both! Just called to say you should get your fuckin' cooter checked out you fuckin' sloot! STD MY ASS!"

We kept that on our answering machine for a full semester.
That is nuts.