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You know a zombie movie is good when you come out of the theater a little nervous, looking around parked cars to cover your bases.

You know a zombie movie is great when you get home and leaf through your Zombie Survival Guide and take note of your living surroundings, just to see how well protected your home is against a zombie invasion.

You know a zombie movie is AMAZING when you break out the map of the city, scrutinizing every detail so you know the best way to either a) make the city your stronghold so you can fight back against the hoard of undead that will be coming your way very shortly, or b) figure out the fastest way to get the hell out of Dodge.

Right now, I'm taking stock of my situation and my supplies and I'm realizing that I am very screwed. Zombies could attack AT ANY MOMENT and I am not in a situation where that would be good. Minneapolis is not a good city to live in for zombie invasion. We could try to set up in the down town area, but the sky ways, while nice, are just too dangerous. There are too many ways for zombies to get in and our forces would be spread too thin.

I'm wondering how fast I could get to Canada. Lots of open spaces in Canada. Not a lot of people. Ample wildlife. I think I could make it.

So was Land of the Dead amazing? Yes. Yes it was. Once again, Romero uses Zombies as social commentary, and uses it well. The survival of our race was downplayed more and the idea of Money as Power is highlighted. Dennis Hopper is amazing. His "You have no right!" is such a telling line in this movie, it goes to the core of his character, and the core of this movie. And John Leguizamo is a fantastic badass.

So go - go see Land of the Dead and then come north with me.

EDIT: The new plan is to head west to the Dakota badlands. Lots of buffalo and I think we've all played Oregon Trail enough times to know what THAT means!
The quicker break would be for the Dakotas. MN is no good because there's a town of 800 people every ten miles or so in any given direction. The Dakotas are as empty as Canada and easier to get to. Not to mention, just over the Canadian border from here puts you in relative proximity to the Winnipeg metro area.

If you hop highway 212, it goes as far as Yellowstone park without a city of any significant size anywhere along the way. I'm not sure, it might pass through Sheridan, WY, but you wouldn't really have to go that far.
Yes, and they have buffallo ranches. Buffallo will be good eating in times of need, plus their hides will make good winter weather clothes.

When all the world is dying, I think I'd be more content just to survive then help humanity. Too many people in one place is too dangerous. It's calling out for "Zombies! Come and eat us! Feast on us!"

Of course, cabin fever would probably set in and I would go crazy...
If "Oregon Trail" taught me just one thing... it was to aim for the buffalo.

Anyway, in the middle of the Dakotas it isn't cabin fever that gets you, since it's not claustrophibic at all there; it's the howling winds that never, ever stop.
Oregon trail also taught me to push Johnny out of the wagon if he was acting up. Odds are he'd break a leg and die.

Oh, Oregon Trail, teaching so much more than history....

I think I could stand the howling winds if it meant not being killed by zombies. However, time will tell.
Oh, Oregon Trail, teaching so much more than history....

Totally off topic (I was about to use "OT" and I realized that would be confusing in this situation^^), but Oregon Trail was a beautiful, beautiful game. So many memories. I recently rediscovered it and started playing it again. ::sheds a tear of nostalgia and happiness::
They had Oregon Trail on the computers in the mac labs in college. Man, I would spend an hour or so just playing the game to relax.

Funny note: I was talking with a friend about the road trip to California from here and I told her that if we went at a moderate pace it would take 4 days, but we could make it in 2 days if we went at grueling, but that would hurt the oxen.

I think every kid in our age group has played Oregon trail. And we've all slaughtered the buffalo for fun.
For fun? Dude, I slaughtered buffalo to live. I always set out in March with very little food and tons of bullets and hunted for the entire first month. It was the best way to do it as a farmer...because if you went out as a banker, you could afford the food but barely got any points. I always felt bad when I talked to the indian and he said "all I ask of the white man is that he leave our buffalo alone," though. =/
aaaah, the joys of white liberal guilt ;)

Sometimes I would get bored during the game and just go out shooting. I would then trade my meat for more bullets so I could continue to shoot. Hunting was half the fun.

The other half was going as a farmer and seeing how horrible you could be to your people.

Oregon Trail was like the prototype for the Sims, I swear...
My only objecton to this bufflo idea is what if they get infected? Infected dogs are scary... what about ravenous buffalo running your ass down?
It all depends on what type of zombies we're dealing with. The buffalo may not be infected.
But in an apocalyptic situation, wouldn't you WANT a town every ten miles or so? Remember the scene in "28 Days Later" where they stumble across the abandoned grocery store. Yeah, canned goods, bottled water and gun shops galore.
Shhh...I haven't seen it yet. I am hoping to see it some time this weekend.
Oh quit whining, I haven't given ANYTHING away :-P
Can we make a snowman in the Badlands? I'll come if you promise not to sing about baked potatoes and try eat me.
I won't eat you silly! I'm not a zombie!

But if I did become a zombie, I would want you to shoot me right away. Don't go all wishy washy 'cause I'm a friend. Kill me and kill me fast. I'd do the same for you.
*grabs her baseball bat* I'm sorry, but it's for your own good....
see, earnbrand said it already, so this'll be redundant, but what the hell:


you couldn't hurt the fluffy--even the undead fluffy!
Fluffster, I'm sorry, but I would gun your ass down. You would make a kick ass zombie, but I wouldn't want that to happen to you :)
::stops brandishing her clawed hands and making undead noises::

oh. okay. fair enough. i don't think i'd really want that to happen either; walking the earth while my body rots isn't really my bag, anyway. :-)
(Deleted comment)
I could set up base on an island...that would work (except that zombies might be able to cross water...)
(Deleted comment)
I think I'd like to get as far away from human civilization as I possibly could. No bomb shelters, no missle silos (excpet for maybe the ones that are islands). Humanity's on its own!
Holy Christwagons, I didn't realize that movie had that much of an effect on you. Unfortunately, I had no chance to think about things of an undead nature seeing as I had to go straight to work after the movie. :| But now that you mention it, perhaps I should sleep with my machete under my pillow from now on, especially after I move out (By the way, I got the apartment. I move out in August! Happy Dance!). :o