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I couldn't sleep at all last night, so I read all of "Invisible Monsters." I really enjoyed it, actually. It's one of my favorite of his at this moment.

But now I have nothing to read. This bothers me.

My cats seem to be doing well. We have set up a feeding plan. Every other day they both get one can of cat food - Sasha gets his weight control food, Molly gets kitten food. The rest of the feeding schedule is now a regular cat food mix. I think this will help balance them out. It's all the same brand, which is the brand I know they like, so we'll see how this goes.

Right now they are curled up on the floor being sickenly cute. On sunday I installed the window AC unit because Sasha was melting into a puddle of cat goo on my carpet and Molly was dangling off the couch like she was going to die at any moment. My cats are drama queens.
Do you still have my copy of "In the Garden of Poisonous Flowers"?