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  • I bought a power drill at Target tonight. Bitches, I am so hardcore I make the baby jesus cry.

  • I have been charged with a mission by my older brother Tom to go to the Twins game tomorrow night. Made calls to captainhandsome and amerikanpatriot. Why? Read this article and understand. If you're interested, give me a call.

  • Team America is fucked up. And I love it.

  • Molly tried to jump on the molding above my closet door. The molding that is MAYBE an inch wide. Seeing a cat dangling off of a closet door about 7 ft off the ground is a sight to behold. So is said cat trying to regain her dignity after falling on a pile of dirty clothes

  • There are some small pleasures I enjoy at my job. One of these is denying people tubs. Do not piss off the customer service rep. She has the power. She has the tubs.

  • I'm a mean girl. Sasha has some medicine I need to give him. I lure him to my side by shaking the can of "Whisker Lickins" cat treats, which are the equalivent of crack to Sasha. I then grab him and make him suck and on eye dropper full of shit he hates. But he puts up with it because he knows that he'll be getting some sweet sweet kitty crack afterwards. Sasha - stand up and admit it. YOu have a problem.

  • I read way, WAY too many webcomics, and I just keep adding more to the list

  • I hate humidity. This is why my AC is set to "subartic." I found a polar bear in my living room this morning. He muffled some appologies and left $20 on my bookshelf. Yes, I am just as confused as you.
Team America made me laugh harder than any other movie I've seen in the past year. "Team America... FUCK YEAH!"
If marionette porn is wrong, I don't want to be right.
I lost it when I saw the Hot Karl.
I do the same thing with my cat. I shake the baggie of treats and he comes running and then I tackle him and fight his monthly flea drops on him. You cat is fat and slow...my cat is muscles and fast. I usually give him a treat before I pass out from all the blood lose.
Today's game is a day game with a 12:10 start. Sorry, Megrock. I will be here at work.