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Voice over: November 11th, 2005, early morning. A long line of emo hipster theater fanatics, some dressed as their favorite characters, others in their normal thrift store uniforms, is stretching around the local theater, all waiting to purchase their tickets for Rent. We zoom up to the middle of the line

Fanatic #1: Oh man, I can't wait for this. I've been here since 6am.

Fanatic #2: Jesus I know! Did you see the production of "La Vie Boheme" they performed up at the front? I hear those people have been here since last night.

Fanatic #1: What, and lose my place in line? Besides, those are posers. All of these people are posers. None of them are as die hard as I am.

Fanatic #2: Excuse me? Posers? I don't think so. I've seen this show four times and have 2 version of the recordings.

Fanatic #1: Bitch, please. I have seen this musical 50 times in 10 states and 3 foreign countries. Nobody knows Rent more than me. And I'm not about to take lip from somebody who obviously bought their clothes OFF THE RACK.

Fanatic #3: Hey, can you guys pipe down? I can hear you over my iPod!

Fanatic #1: Well hey, you want to tell this gap wearing prep to take it somewhere else?

Fanatic #2: Oh for fuck's sake! I bet you've never even HEARD of La Boheme!

Fanatic #1: Hey hey hey, don't you try to pass off that foreign language crap on me!

Fanatic #4: What's going on up there?

Fanatic #1: This...this BENNY here thinks he should be able to see Rent! I say he should GO TO THE BACK OF THE LINE!

Fanatic #4: Benjamin Coffin the Third? Here? Oh no...

Whole gaggle of fans: WINE AND BEER!!!!

Voice Over: Every day, every minute, a new Rent fan is born - someone who knows more about the show than you ever will and will let you know it loudly. For the sake of movie goers everywhere, we beg you: Please, please PLEASE lock your theater geeks in the basement, or at least slip them a vallium or two in their cafe frappachinos. Otherwise, we cannot be held responsible for the blood baths that will ensue as hundreds of angry Rent fans battle it out for the title of "most insane obsessed emo hipster geek EVAH."

This message was brought to you by concerned theater enthusasits who know that to enjoy a musical is not to be obsessed with a musical, and hopes to god you all have a decent sense of humor.
This scene WILL happen. Mark my words.
You just had to throw Emo in there dincha? This is some sort of twisted revenge over that cigarette, isn't it? I'll have you know that all thos pseudo emo hipsters you're jabbering about are what real emo kids (who are genuinely over emotional, and dont dress the part so they can brag about their emo-penis of concerts and shows and venues and breakups) refer to as Scene Kids. So quit oppressing my people or we shall all slit our writs, hang ourselves, and take long baths with toasters in order to rebel against your treasonous taunting!
LMAO, that comic was frickin funny as hell. Hey, we should make a T-shirt out of that and wear it to the next Rent production that comes out here, just to get a reaction.
Please do.
You couldn't have summed up how I feel better. Rent is good, but I feel weird liking it cause there these kids who very creepily into it unfortunately represent the iconic musical fan to most people.
See, I love Rent, I really do. My friend Gina and I used to sing parts of it durring lunch back in high school, and I used to sing select songs while I did my laundry back in my freshman year of college (I met a few friends that way). But it's just the crazy fanatics who have built their lives around it that worry me.

Although - I will probably be guilty of mothing the words to every single song as I see this opening day. But silently. SILENTLY!
I saw it once, and some dippy fags in front of u were singing along with the whole damn thing.

You can't be a jackass just because you're fabulous.
Oh, but you're a theater geek, you know how it goes ;)
(Deleted comment)