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1. No child under the age of 10 will ever be allowed to record the outgoing message on an answering machine.

2. No child under the age of 10 will be allowed to answer the phone.

3. Children over the age of 10 will be allowed to answer the phone ONLY IF they are taught proper phone ettiquette and how to take a proper message.

4. The parents of children who do not follow these three laws will be publicly flogged.

6. Trucker hats will be banished. Any scenester who demands to wear a trucker hat will be branded with "DORK" on their forehead and sold as slaves.

I am open for other ideas on ruling.
I'll totally vote for you. As long as I or someone like me gets to decide who gets to have babies.

When I was little my parents would let me answer the phone if they were outside or in the bathroom, but I used to have amazing phone skills. No so much these days. Unless I'm expecting a call or you are my sister or family member I like I answer "Who the hell are you and what the fuck do you want?" or if it is at an inappropraite time, "Are you dead?"

Along those lines I was returning a call for work and a child answered 3 times and was obviously playing like it was a toy phone. The parent was there I could hear him but not even asking for the phone. Finally I gave up and tried at 8 am, much better.
I was raised with good phone manners. This is why it is my lot in life to work the phones.

My parents wouldn't let us answer the phone until we learned the proper greeting and understood the correct way to leave a message. To this day, when I am back home I always answer the phone "hello, Bridge residence, this is Margaret speaking, who may I say is calling?"

If the caller asked for one of my parents who were either a) not at home or b) unable to answer the phone, I ALWAYS said "I'm sorry, they can't come to the phone right now, may I take a message?" I never, ever EVER said that my parents weren't home.

People thought that I was my parents' secretary.

Nowadays I just answer my phone with a polite "hello?" if I don't recognize the caller ID or more of a "hey, what's up?" if it's a friend.
That sounds exactly like how my parents taught me to answer the phone. Although they gave me the right to blow off telemarketers. There is an infamous story about me telling a window sales man that we had all the windows that we would ever need and convincing him that we would never need new windows ever again.
hahahhah! That's BRILLIANT!!!

One time I took a message from a person who wanted to talk to my parents about mortgage and selling the house, and I got freaked out because I thought my parents wanted to move and they hand't told me.
LOL. That's so cute.
Yet another reason kids, no matter how smart and polite shouldn't even be allowed to answer phones.
I was always taught not to identify myself or the family until I knew who was calling- partly because anyone calling us ought to know who we are unless they're selling something or trying to figure out who's home. I still feel that way about my personal phone... if you don't know me well enough to know it's me answering my phone, I'm not going to help you do your job. ;)

But I was really good at the "I'm sorry, my mom can't come to the phone right now, may I take a message?" thing. My parents got complimented all the time on our phone manners.
For the most part, unless I know the person is living alone, I say "May I please speak to ______?"

In highschool I always seemed to be the one planning weekend events such as group movies and stuff. I would go down the list of people and call them. One of our friends we called ONLY by his last name, so when I called him home I was all "Hi, may I please speak to Cheany - uuuuuuuuh, I mean David?"
Rule: First come first serve.... IE I was here first ... let the smoking bitch leave!!!
When I rule the world, you and ONLY you will be able to evict your neighbors no matter what (within reason, of course. I'm a just Queen after all)
I'd also like to add to the list the Ammendment that says only your boss can tell you what to do, and anyone who walks into your office off the street has dittly squat for powers over you. AND, people who are nice are not allowed to be used as doormats by others who would take advantage of their...niceness (thought I could find a better word for that, but I failed. I FAILED!!! *Zim voice*).
can we just restrict children under 10 from doing anything? *takes a breather from playing with a five-year-old* we could send them to a camp until they're 18 or something.