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Okay, Snape is NOT evil, he is NOT a double agent. I stake my life on this. Dumbledore TRUSTS (er, trusted?) him, and really - Dumbledore knows best. He's like, scary smart man like that. I think he did make mistakes though, and that's why he had to have Snape kill him.

Think about this, when Narcissa goes and begs Snape to help him, he says "oh, yes, I know all about the plan..." but really, he has never said what the plan is, he never gave any good details to the plan, I think he hazard a guess at what it was and then decided he had to act. He even took THE UNBREAKABLE OATH. This should show his dedication to the Order.

When he took the oath - remember the pause he took before he agreed. He had to take the order to prove that he was HardCore! and convince Bellatrix. If Bellatrix was not convinced of his evilness, that would have caused more problems in the future. He considered all this, he thought about this. He took a HUGE risk. This makes Snape so amazingly awesome it's hard to say.

Let's look at things that Snape did during the book - he gave Draco tons of detention, making it so he wouldn't have the chance to do whatever he was going to do (I'm sure that Snape needed time to figure out EXACTLY what the plan was). Also, when Harry almost killed Draco, you can darn well better believe Snape was pissed. If Draco died, that meant he HAD to kill Dumbledore. I'm sure he was trying to stall this for as long as he could. So he gave Harry detention not just to protect Draco, but to protect Dumbledore (and, of course, Snape still is a nasty fucker, so he gave Harry a humiliating punishment). Snape had to protect Dumbledore and Draco, everything he did reflects those motives.

When Draco and Dumbledore were face to face, Dumbledore mentioned that he could make it look like Draco had died, Draco didn't have to kill him. He could protect him. However, they stalled too long and the death eaters arrived. Draco could kill him then, OR, dumbledore could save an innocent child from a horrible guilt. So he asked Snape.

Okay - pretend you're Snape. You have spent 7 years at a school being picked on by everybody because you're poor, smart, and unpopular. You're a half blood yet you're in slytherin. Things are probably damn hard. You're parents fight, your life sucks. What do you think you're going to do? You're going to join the side of the war that offers you power and glory. But then you realized that because of what you done, the one woman who has ever stood up for you is killed. You realize that maybe, just maybe, this whole revenge thing is bad. So you go to Dumbledore, you beg forgiveness, and Dumbledore believes in you. This wonderful guy belives in you and wants to help you. Over the course of the years he asks you to do some REALLY HARD THINGS, but you do - because Dumbledore is your redemption. Dumbledore trusts in your abilities. Hell, Dumbledore loves you in that fatherly type of way. You know this. This is the father you never had; patient, loving, stern, forgiving.

And now - Now because Harry Potter, the son of the man you most hated really fucked thing up because HE didn't believe in Dumbledore. Not only that, Dumbledore is asking, pleading, BEGGING you to kill him so that Draco can live. Draco, who has just as much innocence as any young man, Draco who can still be good. Dumbledore is asking you to kill him - kill the one and only man who trusts you, believes in you, loves you.

And you do it. Because Dumbledore asks, because you need to keep on the plan. YOu need to fill Dumbledore's wishes. You need to have faith that he knows what he's doing.

So you kill him.

Now let's guess somethings. Maybe Dumbledore knew he was dying. The potion that he took could be killing him. OR it could be possesing him somehow (at first I thought that the potion itself was the horcrux, not the locket). Either way, I think Dumbledore knew he had to die, but he didn't want that murder on Draco's head. So he asked, begged, Snape to do it.

I'm a little pissed at Harry. Dumbledore has NEVER given him a reason not to trust him, but yet Harry is SO SURE that Snape is evil. So sure that he basically fucks up main plans.

Predictions for Book 7: The school is closed. Harry tries to get away from Ron and Hermione so he can kill Snape, Draco, and Voldermort. They catch up to him. Somehow Harry corners Snape and Draco, but Ron and Hermione managed to convince Harry that he doesn't want to do that, he doesn't want innocent blood on his hands. He claims it's not all that innoncet, but he doesn't kill them. We get a WHOLE LOT of Snape back story. Snape dies. Ron and Hermione hook up. The locket belongs to Sirius' brother, Regulus. Harry tracks him down for answers. More history of Hogwarts and their founders. Final showdown between Harry and Voldermort. Voldermort dies for sure, but I'm not sure about Harry.


PS - did anybody else think that maybe the death eaters cast a love potion over the whole school to cause general chaos and confusion? Because while I remember my highschool years being drama filled of who loves who/who's dating who, this was just rediculous. REDICULOUS!
Very similar to my thoughts, actually, as outlined in my LJ post elsewhere.

I have no doubt that Dumbledore would have given his own life in a heartbeat, in order to secure Voldemort's final destruction. I don't think Dumbledore planned Snape to kill him (my theory is that Snape made a hard choice, but knew Dumbledore's wishes).

Now, Snape's loyalty to the DEs will be unquestioned, and he'll be able to keep Draco partially protected, so he can be the Weak Link in the Inner Circle. As Albus has said many a time, Voldy cannot understand the power of Love. And although he's more than willing to manipulate love to serve his own ends (like at the end of book 5, where he takes advantage of Harry's devotion to Sirius to convince him to investigate the Department Of Mysteries), Draco, for all his eeeeeeeeeevil posturings, really does care for his family, and that love will eventually see him turned, Vader-like, away from the Dark Side. He and Harry will join forces (and Draco may well sacrifice himself in the pocess) in order to finally defeat Voldemort.

Oh, and I agree. R.A.B is quite clearly Regulus Black... And I'm willing to bet there's at least one more Voldemort's Horcruxes (really, though... Can we just call them Phylacteries and be done with it?) that he got to. My suspicion is that ome of them (including the locket) are stashed away in the Black family treasures (which Harry now owns). Hary won't get answers from Regulus, though; he's dead. Though I suspect there may be a couple of beyond-the-grave messages, maybe in the form of memories, that Harry will come across.

And the love thing? It sounds absurd, but it's not, nowadays... Romances over and done with in a matter of days; it's a disturbing trend. At least Hogwarts isn't as promiscuous as your average high/secondary school...

But speaking of love... I have another theory. I think that both Snape's remorse, and his abiding hatred of James Potter, were both real. I think Snape had a lot of feelings for Harry's mother, Lily Evans, and while it must have killed him inside (and increased his hate for James) that she went off with Harry's dad, I think it was his guilt about being involved in LILY'S death that forced him back to The Light Side

Oh, and I make no excuse for all the Star Wars references... They're so blatanyly obvious, I'm sureprised George Lucas hasn't had legal words yet (though HE ripped of Star Wars from so many sources, he can't say anything....)
I think Snape had a lot of feelings for Harry's mother, Lily Evans, and while it must have killed him inside (and increased his hate for James) that she went off with Harry's dad, I think it was his guilt about being involved in LILY'S death that forced him back to The Light Side

*points to paragraph six* Yes, we are both agreed. Lily was the only one who stood up for him when James and Sirius were tormenting him. I think he felt shame for his love of a "mudblood" (even though his father was a muggle) and anger that she went with James, but I don't think he would ever knowingly hurt her.

Snape is too much a complex character to live. If he does survive book 7, I will be amazed.

I think Draco will live and I agree that we will see growth in his character. While I don't think he will ever fully come to accept muggle borns as equals, he will at least understand the danger of Lord Voldermort.

Do you think Dumbledore will pull off a Gandalf/Obi-wan in book 7?
Snape is *so* going to die, and it won't be Harry that kills him. The sacrifice, made not for Harry, or Dubledore, but "for Lily" will finally prove to Harry that Snape isn't all bad.

The final battle will mark the beginning of Draco emerging from his father's shadow., and developing his own, more moderate views/opinions. He may well be saved by Hermione, as one last irony.

Oh, and if Harry survives, he and Ginny will finally get to be together.

Do you think Dumbledore will pull off a Gandalf/Obi-wan in book 7?

No. It's well-established that death, in the Potterverse, is the end. no Gandalf-ing for him.

Closest we'll get is a last message for Harry, designed to be opened only in the event of Dubledore dying.
Aparently it's really important that Harry has "Lily's eyes" (or so has said Rowling many times). I'm sure this will come into play with Snape's last stand. It's going to be intense and I have a feeling Snape will be VERY close to killing Harry. I mean, Snape is good and all, but he's still a human being with A LOT of emotional baggage that he's been taking out on Harry since the beginning. And Harry hasn't been very good about controlling his own self. So yeah - book seven? Harry and Snape will battle it out, but it will be Harry's green eyes that reminds snape of Lily and will help him make the right choice.

I'm not sure how I feel about Harry/Ginny. It's better than Harry/Hermione, and LOADS better than Harry/Draco (although, that is some really fun angsty slash to write...not that...I write slash...or anything...). Personally, I think Harry is doomed to be alone. Maybe it's the tragic hero thing, but I don't know. Ginny's turned into quite a hardcore little character, but I still don't see her as indepth as everybody else seems to.

Ron/Hermione. Book Seven. IT WILL HAPPEN.
Ya know... De Nile isn't just a river in Africa... (That sounds so lame typed)

Just because you love Snape and want him to still be a hero doesn't mean that he will be. While your theory is well thought out, it is far too complicated and doesn't really make for good litrature. Snape will be instrumental in killing Voldemort. Of that I have no doubt. He will not, however, be the patron saint of double agents, as you seem to think. More likely the patron saint of liars and fakes, switching sides based on what will get him somewhere. Snape will teach Harry some incredible lesson that he will need to defeat Voldemort. In doing so Snape will either die or be horribly injured... Seriously, what is it with you people and Snape?

Also my highschool was just like that. Seriously. In my group of friends thats what dating was. It was using girls you only kind of liked as pawns to get to the ones you really liked...

I have to say my biggest dissapointment at the end of the book was that Harry dumps Ginny. I understand his reasoning, but... man... I want Harry and Ginny to be togther...
Snape isn't going to be the hero of the story, not in the way Harry is, but I refuse to believe that he is evil. "Apperances can be decieving" is a common theme, one that you can find in pretty much every shakespeare play, and it holds true for this one.

It's not that I LIKE Snape, it's just that as far as character development goes, he's really been given A LOT, more than just a passing villian.
Damn, man. I heard it was Chewbacca who was killed in this book and I thought that was bullshit on soooooo many levels.
Dude - Chewie DID bite the big one. Chapter 20. w0rd.
Pseudo important thing I spent a while finding:

Regulus Black, brother to Sirius Black. Death Eater. Killed by Voldemort, or on Voldemort's orders. Not much else known.

He was killed, but I believe that he worked against Voldermort before he died. He is the key to finiding the missing locket...
"Okay, Snape is NOT evil, he is NOT a double agent."

No, I think it's pretty clear he IS a double agent, it's just who's side is he working for that is thrown into question. He is clearly working/worked one side over that had complete trust in him.

The whole instructions to Harry "obey my orders even if it means killing me." Probably were given to snape too, and all of the Order at that. But I doubt Snape will be able to continue assisting the Order after making a bold move that no one apparently was aware of. This brings about a contradiction, since Snape's inner workings of the DE's would be KEY now that Dumby's gone. I would have thought some catch all would be in place.

I really don't like that the gang's leaving the school for book 7, it just doesn't feel right.
1. Snape can't be evil b/c Allan Rickman is so hot.

2. I think Harry wil have to save Snape and Weasel-boy. And they'll all hate each other even more for it.

3. Wouldn't "Harry Potter and the Unplanned Pregnancy" make a great title?

4. Harry can't die b/c it is still (tenuously) a children's series. Now, if he was a dog, we'd know there was no escaping it.

Btw, this was E - OpenID is being weird at me.