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Well, I went to the Informer Games place yesterday and dropped off my resume. I have yet to hear from them, but tomorrow I am going to drop off my portfolio, assuming that I get the pictures from Gerry that I did for UYB. I am thinking good and happy thoughts.

I also got to hang out with Fantasy Boy yesterday. Weeeeeeeird, like, over fifty weeeeird. See, I don't KNOW him, really, at all. He said he never thought that he would be hanging with me in New Brighton. It was odd. I mean, I really don't know anything about him at all. I found out that he golfs, he LOVES to golf. And his birthday is one day before Nick's. But other than that, I know nothing about him, which makes hanging with him difficult. I'm trying to test the waters, feel things out. I don't know what we have in common other than the fact that we're both writers.

We spent the afternoon at a small coffee shop looking at the want ads in the Pioneer Press. He still doesn't have a job. We were cracking jokes about things we could do. I kept going back to the gutter intaller. Yup, that's what *I* want to do. Yessir, that's me, a gutter installer. We want to write an article about the buisnesses that are luring people in by saying that they are advertising, but in reality are more of a pyramid scheme.

It was good to see him, and hang out, hell, just getting out of the house was a good and happy thing. He still is Fantasy Boy. Sitting across from him at coffee was great, he really does have hazel eyes and a very sly grin. Maybe I shouldn't get to know him any better. Maybe he should remain a delightful mystery to me. Of course, I am just a very silly silly girl, and maybe this is just a game I'm playing with myself. I guess he was kinda right when he said he never thought we'd be hanging in New Brighton. I never thought we'd be hanging together at all.

Random thought of the day: The french call orgasms "the little death," so does that mean that masturbation is suicide?
Excellent question my friend...quite intruiging-j/k.
Oh yeah, and if you haven't seen Down With Love yet you should definately go with me and Ted and maybe Pearl.
I'll go! I'll go!!! I'll go!!! When when when!?!?!? I am SO game! :-D
Unless we wanna wait two weeks someone has to pay for me...
I will gladly take up the philosphy of my friend Mike. Money means nothing if it means that I get to enjoy the pleasure of your company! I'll spring for you! :-)
Yay! My friends rock so much. Thanks.
Coolies-when does everybody want to go? I'll have to see when Ed is off too.
I can go tomorrow night if that works. I'm going back to GB on friday for the weekend, so that's out of the picture....