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I take the number 4 bus to work. For the most part, it's a fairly easy ride - straight down Hennepin then over to lyndale. Nothing much to talk about. HOWERVER - today our bus driver nearly got into a fight.

Tonight is a big parade down Hennepin. Because of this, nobody remembers how to drive. We were over by the big parking lot by 10th and Henn and this big minivan is blocking our lane trying to get into the parking lot. The bus driver BLARES THE HORN at the mini van, and the guy in the passenger seat starts to yell something back. The driver then opens the door, gets out, and starts yelling at the guy. He then gets back in and yells at the lady waiting to get into the parking lot to stay there until the intersection is clear. Like, REALLY YELLS AT HER. Turns on the intercom and everything.

He then bitched about it for the rest of the ride.
Hey, I was born in Hennepin county! =) Sorry, totally random thought...
Even worse, I forgot to log in; whoops
Now that's a bus story!

Although, the one I usually tell is from the night of the Shins concert with the crazy lady and the stroller. She was NUTS!
Tell tell!!