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After listening to the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and talking about Harry Potter with my father (and having great theories) I have this horrible feeling that the 7th Harry Potter book might follow the plot of "Once More, With Feeling."

Except...not with the singing and stuff...

But listen to to "Walk Through the Fire."

Buffy = Harry
Spike = Ginny (or Draco if you want to be kinky)
Giles = Hermione
Xander = Ron
Sweet= Voldemort

No. I shouldn't think about these things...this will go down a dark and scary path...
I've got a theory! It could be bunnies!
I must say, that's one of the most impressive examples of Crossing The Geekstreams I've seen in a *very* long while.

*Awards Meg 50 WoD GeekXP*
thank you - thank you *bows*

I'd like to thank my mama and Elvis.
Both Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell are nodding their heads right now.