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This thing is kicking my ASS.

I tried to go into work today. So I went in at 11am (not knowing that we changed schedules and I'm now working 40 hours. Yay!!! more money!!!) and by noon Rachael was all "um...do you want to go home?"

I really didn't. I need the money and I need to work, but by the second call I was coughing so bad that it felt like I was going to throw up and Kevin was giving me worried glances.

So I'm home.

I'm going to make some chicken soup and take a nap. If all goes well I'll go to the book signing and movie tonight. However, I REALLY want to go to work tomorrow. I'll have to see.

I couldn't sleep last night, so while everybody in the midwest was snoozing, I called up my friend David in Arizona. Because if you're feeling miserable, the only thing you can do is bug your friend and make THEM miserable. On the plus side, he said he would totally give me soup. That is - if he wasn't 2000 miles away.

Fun fact: I did not know the difference between envy and jealousy. You are jealous OF someone, but envious of what they have. How the english major missed this but the psych major totally lectured me, I have no idea. HOWEVER - envy is a sin, and jealousy is not. BOOYAH BITCHES! There are some things I totally know!

Time to start the soup.
Awww, get better, Megs. Martians don't belong on Earth, so beat their asses into submission!!!