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My favorite vver story:
Amy Lou and I met in our German class my senior year of college. We became friends because we always sat in the back of the class in the extra desks, where as all the goody goodies actually sat at the tables in the middle of the room because they got there early.

We were outsiders from the very beginning.

Anyways, after becoming good friends (Hey, is that an Invader Zim patch? Why yes it is - want to come to a meeting?) and putting up with the complete snotty attitudes of our fellow german classmates, the semester was quickly drawing to a close. Part of our final involved writing a dialog and performing it in front of the class.

Now, Amy Lou and I are not the most...how to put it...run of the mill people when it comes to our humor. We decided that our skit was going to be Little Bo Peep (as played by VVer) being shaken up by the IRS for not paying her taxes. What does "shaken up" entail? Well, killing her most beloved sheep ("But these sheep are my family! And family means no one gets left behind or forgotten!" - try translating THAT into german!).

Now, for the sheep we decided to take white balloons, put red crepe paper in them, blow them up and draw sheep bodies on them. We also decided it would be REALLY FUNNY to name them after our german TA and fellow class mates. When it came down to the performance, we had never practiced with the sheep, and didn't know how it would turn out. So when I took the Sheep Killer 2000 (a ruler covered in duct tape with a tack on the end) and slaughtered poor Sebastian, the effect was quite dramatic.

BOOM! and red crepe paper and shards of sheep balloon went everywhere.

Amy Lou dropped to her knees and started picking up the little bits and pieces of the first victim, having them drip through her fingers ("Nein! Das war Sebastian!!!") and I tried to compose myself. Martina, the german TA, was now laughing so hard she was crying. We continued with the dialog and I offed about 7 sheep total, each one more gruesome than the last. By the time we were done, there were little bits of sheep everywhere and our german TA was on the floor.

As for the rest of the class...remember that scene in Adams Family when Wednesday and Pugsley act out that duel from Hamlet? And they use all that blood and extra body parts? And when they turn to the audience, they have this "oh. my. god." look as Wednesday and Pugsley take their bows? Well, it was A LOT like that. Aparently they didn't get the humor of the skit, and instead thought we were calling them all sheep.

But Amy Lou and I came out triumphant, and passed the class.

VVer is one of the reasons my senior year kicked so much ass. She's also one of the main reasons I go back to Green Bay to visit.

So happy birthday VVer!!! I'm buying you a shot when you come out here in August!
That story is a riot! I would have liked to have been there, but watching you tell it in person is hilarious as well.
OMG! That is such a funny story! i would loved to have seen the faces of your classmates.
Nein! Das war Sebastian!!!

So, had it been prophetic? How many of the class have been assassinated by the government?

I did a shot of Jager for you!!
That story so made my night because I could picture it vividly in my mind, especially since I had met the TA once or twice!