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So my order from Black Phoenix came this weekend. I've been hearing about it through friends and friends of friends, so about a month or so ago I decided to look at their site and maybe get some samples.

Well, they came on Saturday morning and I tried them out just now.


The imps I got are:
Tiger Lily
Two, Five, and Seven
Dragon's Tears

I think so far my favorite is Titania, which is this subtle sweet smell, something about it reminds me of my middle of the night walks. A little earthy - dark cool green.

Wicked for some reason reminds me of summers at my grandma's house up North. There's this very slight, slight smell of zest soap, but over that is this scent that I generally think of as "old." Not musty or anything - just...old.

Two, Five and Seven is an overload of roses. Not delicate rose, but it's like someone took rose petals and shoved them up my nose and into my sinuses.

I'm not too fond of Delight. It's too strong and a bit over bearing. It's sort of bitter.

Tiger Lily, for me, brings back a little bit of nostalgia. There's this GREAT shop back home called Aquarius, what my friends called a "witchy store." They had new age books, books on wicca, paganism, tarot cards, etc. Some really fun jewelry, and of course - incense. It wasn't burning, but just the whole store smelled of it. That's what this scent is like for me.

Ophelia is a long, cool bath. No, really, it is. Very clean, very watery, very aptly named.

Dragon's Tears is very sharp and spicy. Not exactly my cup of tea at all.
I haven't had very good luck with BPAL. Everything I get just smells like a generic head shop. The only ones that I've liked enough to get big bottles are Jailbait (bubble gum and lollipops, smells really yummy but I never actually wear it), Dana O'Shee (smells just like Lush's Snowcake soap), and Somnus, which helps me sleep. Anyway, good that you found stuff you like.
Well, it's 4 out of 7 that I like. I think if I were to get big bottles of anything it would be of Titania and Ophelia...maybe tiger lily.

I really tried to think of scents that I like and what describes them when I picked my scents. I'm VERY picky when it comes to smelly things, which is why the products from Lush that I love the most are the ones that are the most "earthy" (which reminds me - totally out of Big shampoo and almost out of Veganese! gasp!)
man . . . now i wanna go order stuff from there. :-) in the way of samples, you ordered the 5 ml bottles, right? i'm thinking of getting "crossroads," under the "wanderlust" category. i think it'd suit me pretty well. :-)
I ordered the "imp" bottles, 1 for $3, or 6 for $16. I do this because I'm TOTALLY picky about how things smell :-P

I recommend the imps because if you don't like it, you just have a little bit of it left, not a whole lot :)
Oh, and imps are 1/32 vials - like what perfume samples come in.
riiight--makes sense. and now, i break out the checkbook. :-)
Oh, man, that Aquarius smell. I still get Junior High flashbacks anytime I walk past an incense-tastic hippie store. Gotta love those olfactory sense-memories.
You can be the new Stinky Butt :-P