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My last post proved one of the truer laws of internet debate.

No matter how well thought out your response is, no matter how well you think you answered all points, and by all means, you probably wrote what could be considered the most well put together rebuttal EVER, the moment you hit "send" it goes through a quantum wave collapse and comes out sounding like you're a 10 year old throwing a tantrum.

This applies to EVERYBODY in that debate, including me.

Internet is a horrible means of debate because it's so easy to misunderstand and be misunderstood.

Yes - if you reply to this post by saying "I was totally clear and I totally understood everything you were saying" - you miss the point of this post. No, really, you do.
I disagree!!
OMG U SUXORZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NO U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!11
JUST ADMIT I'M RIGHT!!!!eleven!!!
Dude ur grose.
im also rite. SUCK IT TREBEC!!!
Did you mention something about Penis Mightiers?
What I want to know is does it work, man?!
I'll take The Rapists for 100...
I rarely understand you.

I liked the debate. If you didn't learn anything or didn't gain anything from it I'm sorry.

As Dr. Humphrey liked to say, the only way you guard against dogmatic thinking is to talk and debate about things. Actually he stole that from Locke or Milton or someone, I forget.

:-) Much luv Meg!

The only thing I had against it was that it ended up everybody getting misunderstood.

I have no issues with debate in person - hell, Humphrey and I wasted countless hours in german 102 debating things like catholicism, religion in general, and whether or not snowbirds were losing their independence.

I just think internet debate sucks.