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Party in three days - am I ready? I scoff at that notion!

Because lists are fun, I present to you the following

Songs I Like For No Real Apparent Reason:
1. "Wig In a Box" Hedwig and the Angry Inch
2. "Golden Years" David Bowie
3. "That's the Way" Led Zeppelin
4. "Brandy" Looking Glass
5. "Rock DJ" Robbie Williams
6. "Devil's Dance Floor" Flogging Molly
7. "Devil's Haircut" Beck (Wait, what is that song about again?)
8. "Tukka Yoot's Riddim" Us3
9. "Hangover" Gomez
10. "I Don't Want It" Ween

Coming up: Meeting Chuck Klosterman and embarrassing Mike, all in the same night. Why EXACTLY I like Cake so much (besides the hometown connection). Recap of our madcap party happenings. Molly and Sasha duke it out supreme cat of the bed.


I promise I'll come back to my beloved LJ. Just...only after things simmer down...
mmmm Flogging Molly.
Cat's fighting for supreme cat of the bed? Does that lead to a sleepless night?
Whoo! And I thought I would give the "Jeremy and I shall be at zee party" heads up.

Yay party!
Hooray!! I'm excited :D
>and embarrassing Mike

Please don't do it again by dragging this out here.
Oh for the love of God - it wasn't that bad and was actually really humerous. You're taking this too seriously. I'll write my post and block out your name so no one will know it was you.

OR - I'll make a "everybody BUT Mike" filter and you'll never have to read about it.

Or are we back to the "I can only talk about good things about Mike" days?
No, I think we're back to "Meg takes what she needs when she needs it and then acts all dismissive when she doesn't need something from you." I think I am a very good friend to you and I'd appreciate if you would not do things which you know are going to irritate me.

We even talked about your question before the reading and you said you didn't care what other people thought about it. Maybe I didn't make it clear about how opposed I myself was to that question at least because of the negative response it would generate. When you asked it anyway and I was embarrassed by it. To me, it was just being rude in a large group of people and I didn't like being associated with that.

If you think that's the sort of thing you want to highlight in your journal, that's fine. It's your journal, write what you know. I just don't think it's being a very good friend to me.
I just think we're seeing two sides of the same issue. What you took as an embarassing question is one that I wanted to know - and it was just "how seriously do you take yourself?" because I DO want to know that.

AND - if you read my post, I explained why I asked the qeustion.

Sorry if you think I'm being a "bad friend" for doing that, but you told me once that we can't choose the rules.
I'm not dogging your right to ask the question nor your motivation. I'm questioning the timing. It, to me, is simply rude to call someone bullshit in a room full of people, even indirectly.

The "bad friend" bit is about congratulating yourself for embarassing me on your LJ. You know I'm sensitive about it and I asked this time around to just let it drop. Instead you told be about how it was actually humorous and then made some snide comments. Seriously, please just respect that I don't like my lesser moments broadcast out into the world.
I understand what you're saying and I have felt that - over the full year and a half that you first made the request that I have honored it. My "snide comment" is to remind you that sometimes, we can't choose the rules. You do know how sensitive I am about what goes into my journal, and when you said that I felt misunderstood and angry.

I am sorry that I overstepped my bounds and hurt you- that was never my intent - I've been trying to be better about that, but you have said some very hurtful things in the past two comments that show me that you don't trust how I present matters.