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Meg's Housewarming Party PART DEUX! was a great success.

We had some old faces from last year and new faces as well. Food was eaten, booze was drunk, games were played, and everybody (I think) had a great time.

A wedding procession from the presbyterian church down the block (complete with bagpipes, dogs, and what we can only assume were the representation of the king and queen of the prom), literary discussions, political debates, deliberation on just WHO is the most saintly (for the record, it's communists), and watching such classic videos such as insurance films, training videos from McDonalds and Wendy's, and the angriest winnebago salesman ever are just a few highlights from the night.

As well as these classic quotes:
"You know where Pandora's is?!? That's my home!"
"Yeah, it's where all the high school kids hang out."
- random girl asking for directions and Mike

"Do you remember when Ghost punched you in the balls?"
"No - that was my eye!"
- someone and Odie

"Oh come on! Lobster is the new fur!"
- Sam

I am reminded by how wonderful all my friends are and mad thanks goes out to the boys who cleaned my floor, abby and goji who cleaned my kitchen, and everybody for helping make this a great party. It was a wonderful time and thanks to EVERYBODY for coming.

I love you all!
deliberation on just WHO is the most saintly (for the record, it's communists)

Yeah. . .I think of compassion, patience and love of his fellow man when I think of Che Guevera.
That's EXACTLY why it won!

Hooray for Apples to Apples!
Obviously. . . .I'm quite pissed I missed the gathering. I need to get to MN sometime in hte near future.
I'll try to have another one - of course, I said that last year too...
Screw it. . .next fall I'm probably gonna be buying a condo of my own so you guys can come down here :-p
*evil chuckle*
evil chuckle? What - did you put hidden cameras in my place or something!?!??!


We should all meet up in Milwaukee for Serenity...
next year you can have Thor and Metallagher headline your party!
I have nightmares about that music video :-P
Fun was indeed had, after all - I got to pop my "Chez Geek" cherry!