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So back in January I braved the icy roads of Minnesota to go see Alton Brown at Barnes and Nobel and got him to sign two cook books, one for me, and one for my friend multiclassgeek.

In exchange for the 1st edition autographed book, multiclassgeek agreed to send me some real absinth from England. Mmmmmmm.....delicious mildly hallucinogenic alcohol.....

ALAS - absinth is illegal in America, and due to hightned security it's even MORE illegal to try to ship it here. But multiclassgeek agreed to send me something else of equal value.

HOWEVER - I have NO IDEA what that should be. I want it to be something unique to England because how many times to get you fun stuff in the mail from a different country (and one I've never been to?)

So I'm asking you guys: What should multiclassgeek send me?
Poll #554185 Fun British Stuff!

What wonderful British item should Misha send Meg?

Remember: make it legal!
I thought that English absinthe was still the watered-down stuff. The real thing is available in Czechoslovakia.
Hapsburg absinthe is 72.5% abv, with "infusion of wormwood" listed in the ingredients. They also do a "Gold Label" version which is 89.9% abv.

Notice: abv not "proof". The regular stuff is 72.5% alcohol

I'm sure you CAN get even-more-potent versions, but at that stage, it stops being a drink, and starts being Homebrew Moonshine Poison.
By "watered-down," I meant that the thujone content isn't very high. EU regulations limit it to 10mg/l, not really enough to feel its effects. There's a Czech absinthe that has 100mg/l!
There's ALL sorts of stuff you can buy in Eastern Europe... 90%-abv Polish Homebrew vodka is just such a thing (and doesn't taste nearly as good as Absinthe...)

I think I'll stick with the Hapsburg stuff; Whilst I don't fear death, I'd really rather not die just yet... ;)
Men are legal, right? Mmm, accent.

Also, I have an interesting question for you. What's your favorite tootsie pop flavor? (Or if you hate tootsie pops... life saver flavor)
tootsie pops = orange
live savers = wild cherry

Men are legal, but hard to send via mail...