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Just got done with my Sunday night bath, and it was fabulous.

Ever since Kaela first introduced me to Lush, bathing and showering has turned into a religious experience. Tonight's bath was no exception. I used their jasmine bath bomb and it turned my water deep green and made it feel like satin. I turned on the jets and soaked for quite a bit while I read the first few chapters of The Big Over Easy, the new book by Jasper Fforde.

This had been a very nice and relaxing weekend. Laundry was done, movies were watched, books were bought and are now in the process of being read. I did some writing as well and I'm feeling confident. I think the 'Burg is having an open mic night tomorrow or tuesday, and I'd like to go and share some work.

I like Tubs because I never dread going to work on mondays. It's still work, but it's not bad work.

I wish I had something more interesting to say at this moment, something deep or profound or something of that nature, but nothing is coming to mind. I miss my friends who are scattered all over place. Even if I were still living in Green Bay I would be missing people. That's why I liked the party last weekend so much: so many people that I care about were all in the same place having a great time.

Hey Greebs folks: when would be a good weekend to come and visit everybody?
'course i'm wondering when you'll visit gb next, too. 'cause then like . . . maybe *i* could visit gb too and actually see you, which would be fab. i wish i coulda gone to your housewarming, but . . . alas, the fluffy is penniless as usual. maybe i won't be by the time a gb trip is in the works, eh? :-)