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1) I miss having quite time at work where I could write online about my day. Of course, work hated that, but I enjoyed it and I enjoyed getting comments from the rest of you. There was connection there, and now there's not so much. Sad.

2) WHERE THE HELL DID AUGUST GO? September is creeping around the corner like a dirty man with a trench coat unbuttoned and his pants around his ankles. I've been nostalgic recently, remembering my first fall out here in the midwest. I walked past a line of orb webs the other night on my way to St. Anthony Main, and I remembered walking across the bridge with Katie one of the first weekend of school back in '99. There's this big bridge that crosses the Fox River and separates SNC and poor car-less freshman from the glory and wonderment that is ShopKo. Along the railings of this bridge, multitudes of VERY LARGE AND HUNGRY spiders have made their homes. We walked as far to the edge of the curb that we could, with busy De Pere traffic zipping by us. Longest. Walk. EVAH.

3) I'm kind of sad. Last autumn was probably one of the best autumns of my life. When I'm old and gray and wrinkly I'll tell my grandkids about the fall of '04 and everything that happened to me. It's funny, I heard on the radio that Franz Ferdinand is playing at the Target Center sometime and I remember seeing them this time last year with Mike down at the Quest. Cake came last year too. I just remember wanting to see more shows last year than I do this year. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.

4) My dinner just came from Galactic Pizza, delivered to me by a delightful hippy dressed in spandex with mismatched converse tennies and his dreds pulled back in a tiedied head band. I tipped him well.
ha! i *totally* remember that walk. we were doing everything in our power to stay the hell away from those genetic anomalies . . . i swear they were the size of quarters! gawd did it suck not having a car . . .
Do you remember our discussions about how only a car could be called a buick?
yes i do! like a corvair could be something else, and so could a cadillac even, but a buick? if a buick was an appliance, it'd be an *embarrassing* one. "we've only been going out a month, but he came by unannounced, and he saw my *buick!*"

heehee . . . :-)
1) That just means that you need to post more in the evenings. How else am I to get my Meg fix?
That walk sucked in the winter. Or whenever it was windy. Or at night when all the spiders would come out to FEED ON UNSUSPECING PASSERSBY!
Hey, that damn bridge effected me my whole SNC career, so take comfort in the fact that you had a car, period :-P Also, there are some good shows in St. Paul, but I bet Green Day and Jimmy Eat World is sold out already. You missed a damn good blues festival in Vancouver, as well as a USO thing for the WWII Vets, complete with swing dance band. It looked kick ass, but it would have been better if I'd have heard about it beforehand...oh well.