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I was doing the pre-scheds today and ended up talking to a woman named Margaret.

me: May I ask who I'm speaking with?
her: I'm his wife, heh, Margaret
me: Hee - good name
her: I know!
me: So do you ever go by Meg?
her: All the time! Meg, Marge, Maggie, you name it. It gets kind of weird though, a little schitzophrenic.
me: do you ever refer to yourself in the third person as "meg?" I do that ALL the time.
her: Totally!

It was an odd conversation, but it got me to thinking.

My full name is Margaret Elizabeth Ann. I was named after both of my grandmothers - a promise my father made to my mother long long ago. I am proud of my name, I like it. They are all saint names and they are also the names of many queens.

Somewhere down the line I became known as Meg. It started slowly in Jr. High, and then hit full force in high school. When introducing myself, I first said "My name is Margaret, but everybody calls me Meg" and that got morphed into "My name is Margaret, you can call me Meg" and now it's gotten to a point where a lot of people know me JUST as Meg, nothing else. They think it's short for Megan and that is NOT my name.

At work I go by Margaret. The world knows me as Meg. This shouldn't be weird - lots of people go by shortened named. But look at it. Mike from Michael, Pat from Patricia, Abby from Abigail, Nick from Nicholas, Zack from Zachary, it's all just basically just taking the first syllbal. Mine is subtracting most of my letters and playing scrabble with them.

There's also no real reason for me to BE upset because I don't really HAVE a preference on what I get called, I just have this weird feeling that if people don't know my real name, then somehow I'll...I don't know...dissapear or turn into something else or some crazy shit like that.

But it's true - I do refer to myself as Meg when I talk in the 3rd person.
People oddly enough feel the need to add letters to my name....
My prefered Margaret nickname is Peggy. Best said with a heavy redneck, alcoholic, irritated accent. "Pehggy!"
You could be Maggie or Marge or Margie!