February 13th, 2003

Dr. Bunny

Sister Talk

Louisa and I go walking
just like normal sisters do.
Down the block, past the church,
talking about life and sharing secrets.
Louisa always says the same thing,
that life really is a crock when you look at it.
I nod, never knowing how to respond.

We make it to the park, and sit on the swings
kicking our legs idely and watching children play.
The sun glints off the pond
and I catch the look in Louisa�s eyes.
I gather up the courage and ask her
what it was like,
with the duck pond,
the paramedics, the hospital
and the end of time.

Louisa faded out for a moment
the sun shining through her
causing the tears on her cheek to act
like the prisms that hang in Mom�s kitchen.
�I don�t remember much.� she said.
�Only thinking that it wasn�t fair, none of it was.�
I ask if she�s ever jealous of me.
She takes my hands and whispers

Sometimes I wonder if Mom and Dad
would trade all the days of my life
if it meant that they could have Louisa back.
As if the accident never happened.
As if I had never happened.
I tell this to Louisa
and now it�s her time to nod.

Louisa and I get up from the swings,
knock the sand from our shoes,
and walk home together hand in hand,
past the school, across the parking lot.
My Sister leaves no shadow as we move together,
sharing our secrets of life and death
when we walk like sisters should.