February 22nd, 2003

Dr. Bunny

Can you TASTE the nostalgia? (what does it taste like? Kinda musty)

Every now and then, I find my self thinking back to the shows on Nickelodeon back in the day. Now I mean back in the day. Like when Nick first started airing stuff. There's a small generation of kids who grew up on that. I'm part of that generation.

It's great fun to find other people who are also in that same crowd. We remember the same shows, and we help each other fill in our sketchy memories of shows that may or may not have exsisted. Nickelodeon provided hours of wacky fun entertainment in the form of cheap imported animation from France (known for their wine, not children's programing). Two of these shows have been the center of mad confusion for me and my friends.

The two are none other than "The Mysterious Cities of Gold" and "Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea." Both had the same crappy animation, weird ass plot lines, pirates, and kooky kids. Now to be honest, I never really watched either of them, but they always seemed to be on Nick when I was home sick or on weekends (Sunday afternoons seem to be when they were always shown). So needless to say, I have some vauge memories.

But what really sets these two shows apart are their theme songs. Those songs RULE!!! Imagine classic 80s music, but for kids, and not envolving drugs, but rather obscure cartoon characters. MCoG has this amazing beat that could possibly be turned into an damn good dance mix for today. Spartakus, on the other hand, has a version of its theme sung by Menudo. Yes, that's right, Menudo. Uh-huh, we've hit gold here.

So I found This Site that has a bunch of classic nick information, PLUS audio clips. I've been listenint to the theme from Pete and Pete all night. Go check it out, see what you find.
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