March 4th, 2003

Dr. Bunny


Guess what kiddies?? Today is pancake day!!!

Thanks, Tom, for posting that link.

I think this is keen. So go, eat a pancake in my honor.

Or get blissfully drunk.

Conversation walking (read: stumbling) home from the bars on my 21st birthday
[the set up: Chris has just convinced me, in my drunken state, that I am a pancake]
Chris: Are you french toast?
Chris: Are you a waffle?
Chris: Are you a kartofupuffer?
Meg: NO! I AM...what?
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Dr. Bunny


I will not read Bruno archives. I will not read Bruno archives. I WILL NOT read Bruno archives.

Aw shit, who am I kidding??

For those who don't know, Bruno has to be one of the best web comics out there. Christopher Baldwin has an amazing lyrical quality to his writing. The dialouge is wonderful, even when it's just Bruno having a conversation in her head. Each character (and there are quite a few) have their own unique voices, strong voices. It's amazing to read it from the beginning and watch as each character evolves, and each one does.

Also strong is the art work. AMAZING art work. Christopher can capture so much emotion with absolutly no dialouge at all. Just the way Bruno is sitting, reflecting, the world around her. It all says so much. It's painful sometimes.

Gods do I want Bruno's life. I'll take her depression, I'll take her sadness, her feelings of lost, I won't change them. She has so much depth, and of course, we can see it even if she is blind to it. I want to be able to just pick up and leave, move across the country, spend a couple months in Europe, randomly meet strange and insanely unique people. I want to have these highly indepth conversations and no be afraid if I'm wrong, and not be afraid that I will be chastised for something I said. It's amazing, even on her lowest days, Bruno has so much energy, so much feeling. It's like what I was talking about before, how everything that I touched or touched me seemed amplified by about a billion. She has passion. I want my passion back.

There was a time in my life where even though I didn't have control of everything, I just ran with it, let it take me, wasn't afraid to take risks becuase I didn't see them as risks, but simply a part of life. Yes, I was scared, but I wasn't scared to take that risk. I wasn't sad about leaving people behind because I always knew that I would come back eventually, that they could never be taken out of my life. I wasn't tied to anything. I just was.

I want that feeling back.

I guess reading Bruno makes me realize how shallow I am, how shallow my life is. Was it always this way, or did I create it like this? There are so many things I could do to change that, perhaps I've been to scared.

Heh, oh the irony.

You're own medicine never tastes sweet.
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