April 13th, 2003

Dr. Bunny

Oh Whatta Night

Last night was my last EC dinner dance as a student at SNC. It was probably, by far, the best dinner dance we've ever had. Sandy did a wonderful job of taking over for Adidas, and it will be amazing. Photos will be posted tonight on the EC website (http://groups.msn.com/ElectricCompany)

It really was a fantastic time. Made me think of all the dances that I've been to. My freshman year when I went alone first semester, and then second semester when my "date" walked the 15 miles home from the dance. Sophmore year when I went with TC both semesters (I will marry that boy some day, mark my words). Junior year which was split with two very different boys, Sam and Ghost. And now this year. First semester with my duct tape dress, and this semester with my two dates and my very molestably soft dress.

All in all, I have loved every single dinner dance I've been to. Each one has been different and very special to me. They are memories that I will definatly keep for a long long time. EC has been an amazing part of my collage career, and with out them, who knows if I would have lasted as long as I did at SNC. It's going to be hard to leave all of this, but I know the future generations of EC will have their own wonderful memories.

But DAMNIT! Someone else needs to have a digital cam so they can post pics of the events ASAP! Or at least learn how to scan them in :)
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