May 18th, 2003

Dr. Bunny


Just came home from seeing The Matrix Reloaded. VERY cool movie. Over fifty cool. Need mad ammounts of time to process it, and then go see it again. And possibly even again, I'm not too sure.

Anyhoot, things are good here in Minneapolis. Brian came last night, and he, his gf Pearl and her buddy Kelly and I all went out to Coffee at UncommonGrounds. Then we went to Denny's. I crashed at around 5am last night.

It's so nice to have human interaction again. Been a little too long for me. Last friday I went over and saw Mike and Adam, two friends who graduated from SNC, and Mike showed me around town. I totally love this city, and I know once I get to know it better, I'm going to love it even more. Today, Brian and I walked down to Chipolte's (it's too dangerous to have a Chipolte's within walking distance. But it's soooo good! Mike made the comment that no matter how broke he and Adam were, they always had cash for Chipolte's). We sat for a good couple hours talking liturature stuff, being typical English majors. VERY cool. We were joined by Pearl and her kickass posse, walked all the way next door to Caraboo Coffee and sat there for about another hour. We then all scurried off and saw The Matrix Reloaded. Now my brain is full and I can hardly think. A true sign of a good movie.

Last movie that made me think that hard was Adaptation. THAT was a fun night. I saw it with Nick and Ed. After the movie (which we sat through stunned and in shock all the way to the very end of the credits), we went over to Ed's and drank a bottle of wine discussing the importance of three in that movie. We came to the conclusion that Adaptation was not a "mindfuck" movie, but actually a "mindrape" movie. Fuck impies that there was some concent envolved. This was rape. And we loved it.

I wish I had a bottle of wine and the company of Ed and Nick. But hanging with family and friends was just as good ^_^
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