May 25th, 2003

Dr. Bunny

Mall of America...

Cayce Pollard probably has one of the most interesting phobias, whether fictional or based on actual studies, I'm not sure. She has a tremendous fear of trademarks, commertial icons and the like. Some have more of an effect than others, but she cannot help but be affected by them when she sees them. Now this does bring an interesting question to the table. Will this become more common as years go on? Trademarks are all over our world. They say that kids can identifiy more commertial icons than they can religious symbols. Apparently, we're all supposed to be shocked by this, and outraged, but I just shrug my shoulders. Unfortunatly, religion is simply another corperation these days, they just don't have good advertising. Dogma may have had the right idea with The Buddy Christ.....

Anyways, Cayce Pollard would have died in a fit of convulsions if she ever stepped into the Mall of America. Brian, Pearl and I went there yesterday. I'm not too sure what I think. It's big. Very big. Over fifty big. And covered with trademarks. They've added a whole section on cereal. YOu can make your own box and mix your own flavors. Everything is sponsered by something else. I could see Cayce start to foam at the mouth and start to twitch. It really wouldn't be a pretty sight. Death by Commertialization. Wait, I think that already happens.....

But the Mall was fun, and I think the guy in charge of the free cheese samples was flirting with me. We also went and saw Identity, a movie I highly suggest. Scared my pants off! Well, no, not really, but yeah. Good flick, go see it!

Anyhoot, I have to go clean now. Wish me luck!
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Dr. Bunny

Personal Dreams

The cleaning is going well, but as I was cleaning and putting away books, I started thinking about what I want in life. Pearl read my palm and said that while I put alot of attention into my head and heart lines, I don't put alot of attention into my actual life. And perhaps that's true. Life is something that happens while I'm doing everything else. Maybe that means I don't have alot of dreams and motivation, and part of that is right. The dreams I have are sketchy, and not all there. There are a few that I have.

I want to get married, I want to have a family, I want to be happy with my life. I want to work, I want to write, I want to be a famous author, and I want to shake Orson Scott Card's hand.

I know I go on and on about wanting to meet Neil Gaiman, and that's more of a joking dream. The author I really want to meet is Card.

It must have been the summer of '88, or '89, I'm not too sure. It was the summer that the first Bat Man movie came out. My dad spent that summer in Seattle at a science fiction writers workshop called Clarion West. One of the instructors there was Orson Scott Card. I don't know much of what happened at the work shop, but I know it was a profound experience for my dad. He came back with books that were signed by Card.

Many years later, when I started to really read, the hard back autographed books of the Alvin Maker series were passed to my by my brothers. These were treasures, books that were not to be taken from the house, books that were to be treated with the upmost respect. When I first read them, I didn't look at the paragraph long inscription that was given to my father. I simply engulfed the books, read them over and over again. When I did finally look at what was writen, I was amazed. These were really personal, this was something that a friend would write when giving a book as a gift. They talked about my father's ability, and the hope that Card had for the success of my father. It was around this time that I decided that I really wanted to be a writer.

My father hasn't really writen much since then. He sends us kids amazing personal essays that he's writen, but he's stopped trying to get things published. He has his own personal demons that prevent him from really pursing his dream. I don't have these demons. I think that's why I always think of my father when I write, and why he's one of the first persons I send my drafts to.

I want to meet Orson Scott Card and shake his hand because I want him to know that the man who he helped has helped me. There's a sence of completness in that, I feel.
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