June 1st, 2003

Dr. Bunny

Meg's Poetry Corner


Genetics are more than simply
hair color, eye color, whose ears you've got.
Somewhere deeply embedded inside the chromosomes
lie the building blocks of personality.
And from this it is clear:
I am my father's daughter.
There is no question to where my personality came from
Though I look like my mother
Few traits come from her.
She thinks in outlined paragraphs
Her train of thought is straight.
Mine usually derails at the depot.
No, it is my father I take after,
whos mind travels in spirals and loops,
double helixes of thought
raveling, unraveling, creating stories in his mind.
But I find no solace in that,
for there are questions in my head.
Was he like me in school?
Great potential if only he would apply himself?
Did he worry as I worry now
About the future
About family and children
Too scared to let people closer?
There is no doubt that he loves me.
We are of like mind
So I cannot help but think,
would he give up the time hess spent with me
to save the daughter that was lost?
Has he considered it as I have,
Alone on my porch watching the western sky?
But these are questions I can never ask.
Question that have no answers,
except for the ones coded in our DNA.