June 9th, 2003

Dr. Bunny

I Love OSX

Man, what a busy busy weekend I've had. It's been great though, here's the sum up:

The morning was a bit hard for me. I think it was my breaking point in terms of stress. I was so excited to leave for GB/Sturgeon Bay that my head wasn't anyplace. I missed the FedEx guy who had my computer because I was running errands, getting ready to leave. This only lead to me getting in a fight with my mom over the phone and breaking down in tears. I haven't cried since february, so my crying was pretty big. But I did get my computer (A new powerbook G4, 12 inch, fully loaded (I love saying that), and her name is Zorya). I then headed out to wonderful GB where I met up with Nick (who was green with envy when he saw Zorya), then met up with Patty, Bill and Pete. We then watched the Animatrix (amazing amazing amazing), the boys drooled over Zorya (I was so proud, my little girl's already picking up men), then went to see The Matrix Reloaded with the rest of them plus Ed. It was a good night, despite the fact that I was horridly tired and drained beyond all recognition. The drive up really sucked. Nothing but rain and really stupid drivers. Damn them.

Ed, AmyLou, and I all drove up to Sturgeon Bay at around 4. We were going to leave at 3, but yeah, that didn't happen. Remind me NEVER to road trip with Ed EVER EVER EVER AGAIN. He kept trying to get me to drive to Egg Harbor. All I wanted was to get to Chris' house and see everybody who I hadn't for a month. He couldn't understand that. AND he made fun of my driving. The bastard. but the party was amazing. Chris had made a Potato cannon and we had great fun shooting things well over 300 feet away. And it made loud booming noises. And I got to see so many people; Ed, AmyLou, Chris, Nick, Jesus, Goji, Demona, Sandy, Kelly, Alli, Sarah, it was just great. I really needed that. Oh yeah, and we all got pretty much tanked.

Well, seeing how I really didn't sleep, Saturday kinda blurs into Sunday. I know at one point, really really early on Sunday, I was playing drunken Tekken with Nick, and he passed out mid game. Funniest thing I've ever seen. He just tipped over and curled up in the fetal position. HIlarious. But about 5 of us stayed up to watch the sun rise. Everybody else crashed like lame ass monkey weasels (or passed out). We finally left at around 2, got back into GB at 3:30, and I left for home at 4. It was a fast drive, good weather, and all was good.

Today has been spent playing with Zorya and finding out what she can do. I'm getting to know OSX and the wonders that it holds.

It was so nice to get away this weekend and see people. This really has been a hard month for me. I guess I didn't realize how lonely I was untill I broke down on Friday. I really needed to see my people, be social, and then come back. Now I just need to find a job. I know once I have a schedual I will be less frantic and more productive. But lord, I have missed people so much, I've missed being social, I've missed everybody. Transition is always hard, and I am doing well, but even still....
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Dr. Bunny

I am such a sheep

Okay, so there's this "shower meme" going around LJ. Basically you can ask me 4-5 questions, or ask for me to interview you (or both if yer feeling really adventurous). And heck, I'd like to get to know you people who read my journal a wee bit better and stuff. Or something. Oh yeah, I got this from zoe_trope who I found from my cousin strand.

So, any takers?
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