June 14th, 2003

Dr. Bunny

Oh the Wonders of Sex World.....

So Pearl and I just came back from Sex World, where we got hit on by a little man of international decent that we can't quite place. His name was Jamal. We first met him over by the dirty greeting cards. There was a little wind of toy of two men going at it. It made alot of noise and he came over to see what the noise was. He then asked if we were from around here. I looked at Pearl thinking "What the hell are going to tell him??" while she looked at me thinking "What the hell are we going to tell him?!??!" Pearl settled on Alaska, while I said I just moved here. We quickly exited and moved over across the store to the vibrator section

"Look Pearl, they're all named after you!"
"Shut up Meg, just shut up"

While we were commenting on the over usage of animals on dildos ("A dolphin?!?!?! What the hell is...oh, a bumble bee. Awww, a rabbit! HOW CUTE!! I don't want that near my clit...") we heard a voice behind us asking Pearl if she was Jeaneen. Once again, Pearl exchanged looks of "whaaaa?" and Jamal told her that he had forgotten Pearl's name. She quickly retorted that she had not given her name. He introduced himself to us, we shook his hand, gave him our names (which in retrospect probably wasn't the brightest thing to do. I think I should have given my name as Purity, and Pearl should have gone as Chastity) and he then told us he was with his friend, and would we like to go "party" with him...once again, panic stricken glances were exchanged.

In all honesty, we couldn't figure out much of what he was saying. Pearl thinks he thought we were lesbians (which makes sense, two girls alone in the mega-mart of porn), and I was just racking my brain on how to get out of this situation as quickly as possible....but I think he took the hint and backed away as we told him, "no no, not to night, no, thank you, no no, please for the love of sweet jesus BACK AWAY FROM US!!!!!!!"

All in all, it was an interesting night. Not to mention the guy in the car two lanes over from us as we were driving to Sex World who whistled at us while leaning out of the drivers seat window and started to boogie with the badass ghetto music blaring from his sup'ed up SUV. Word up- all you home girls out there.

Obviously, Pearl and I were quite the hoochie mammas tonight. Hit on by two different guys. We need to hang out down town on friday nights more often. We RULE.

Oh yes, and we think there was a possible gang war/shoot out over on Hennepin and Six-ish. There were many cops (three on horses, two on bikes) and lots and lots of streets blocked off and an ambulance with covered bodies being lifted in.

And one more thing: Apparently my EC jersey is a blatant rip off of a sex world jersey. Down to the green and white stripes. I was VERY tempted to buy it.....
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