June 21st, 2003



More people need to support their public libraries. They really do.

I went down to the Walker Library today to look for the books dad had recommended to help me with my story. First off, the Walker Library, while its selection is pretty dismal, IS SO FRIKKEN COOL. It's underground for crissake! Underground!! Very cool. However, I was taken aback by the sign on one of the bookshelves proclaiming "beware of pickpockets, keep your valuebles close." This means that people have been stealing from other people in the library. I am not pleased by this idea. Is no place sacred??

Anyhoot, the Walker didn't have the books I was looking for, so I shuffled off to the Central Library downtown. It's a pretty interesting place, but I think they are in the process of moving to a newer library that's being built. That's good because the shelves were pretty run down. It didn't look like a library, well, maybe it did, but it didn't have that library feel to you, you know what I mean? It felt cold, well, as cold as a room full of books can feel.

I guess I'm just used to the Yolo County library back home. I mean, that place felt GREAT. Whenever I think of libraries, I think of that one (I also think of my college library which was pretty cool looking, but dismal when it came to selection. And I mean DISMAL. But it had a cool layout).

Should the atmosphere of a library matter though? Is it judging a book by its cover? Is it shallow of me to say that, despite having a wonderful selection, the central library felt cold and uninviting? But wouldn't a more inviting place, one with art on the walls and a cozy feeling help inspire people to read? To hang out there and look things up? To expand their minds?
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