June 27th, 2003



My favorite nightmares are the ones involving zombies. The set up is usually the same, zombies have taken over the city, me and my friends are the only survivors, and one by one I watch them get picked off until it is only me who is left. That's when I always have a decision to make: Do I keep fighting, or do I let myself get turned into a zombie? I mean, when all your friends are either dead/the walking undead, it's really hard to keep going. In my dreams I always wake up before I make that choice, probably because that is the most intense part of the dream.

My love of zombie nightmares probably springs from my love of zombie movies. Night of the Living Dead (black and white version) is up there on my top list of scaryass movies. The remake and sequels and spin-offs are also good (although I have not yet seen Dawn of the Dead or Day of the Dead, but my friends have and loved them). Even Resident Evil, while not being excellent, was still sufficiently creepy enough to give me the heebie-geebies for a while. I think it's the whole premise of "man eating man eating man" and usually man is the cause of all the problems.

So naturally, today I went to go see 28 Days Later. Being a grown up girl, I thought I could handle seeing it alone. Yeah, well, that was a BIG mistake. Watching the movie was like watching one of my nightmares up on the screen. It was almost a test of my endurance to see if I could actually stay through the whole thing. There were so many times I wanted to walk out of that theater. I actually checked my watch at some point to see how far into it we were so I could prepare myself for the big scary climax that all horror movies have. The only way I actually made it through was by telling myself that this is just like my nightmares, and when the movie ends, I will wake up and everything will be fine. There will be no raging humans wandering the street coughing up blood and wanting to kill me. There will be no psychotic soldiers who want to rape me to re-populate England. There will be sun, fresh air, and above all, I will still be a human .

So if you are a mad fan of zombie movies, or like getting the pants scared off of you, or you just like british accents, I highly recommend going to see 28 Days Later I also recommend seeing it with some one you trust, preferably someone you can cling to when things get mad scary. Tonight I will probably be hiding under my blankets, waiting until my body can fight sleep no longer, and I will dream of being alone in a city populated by blood thirsty ravenous zombies. I will run, I will fight, but in the end, I'll wake up still a human
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