July 8th, 2003


New Title

My new LJ title was inspired by nilotec. Go to his site and help write the story (you will notice I have three paragraphs written for him. Highlights include one of the many uses for SlimJims).

Things bode well for me in the twin cities. I have sent off a resume to Prairie Home Companion. One of my neighbors worked as a script girl for them, and told me that they really like english majors. So I cross my fingers and hope for the best. Still haven't heard from Grad Staff or The Lagoon, but I'm going down tomorrow to talk to both of them.

In other news, I have joined the YWCA, and I was going to start swimming today, but my alarm clock didn't go off in time for me to make it to the Flexibility Plus class. However, there are some classes tomorrow that I think I want to go to; either the Deep work out, or maybe the Abs In class. It all depends on when I'm going to see Pirates of the Caribbean.

Okay, random question, what is the correct pronunciation of "Caribbean"? Is it different than the islands, or what? Is it "Care-ah-bee-an" or "Car-ib-ee-an" (oh gods, my old voice teacher at SNC would have KILLED me if she read that. That is SO not the correct phonic spelling!!)

Ooh! Ooh!! I had a zombie nightmare last night!!! It was totally inspired from watching "Dawn of the Dead" last night with Pearl, Kelly, and Ted. GREAT zombie flick, I couldn't stand the stupidity of the characters, it was so bad I flinched many many times. But yeah, there were lots of zombies in my dream, and lots of weird people too (like the guy in the basement who was building a scale model of the Lincoln Memorial out of balsa wood). I woke up before I had to to make the choice of being a zombie or fighting for my life, or just plain killing myself. But it was a good dream.
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